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Download Honor of Kings APK latest version for Android in 2024. Experience a stylized MOBA game blending strategy, casual, and multiplayer elements.

Information of Honor of Kings

Name Honor of Kings
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version
Size 402.20 Mb
Category Action
Developer Level Infinite
Google Play Link
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About Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings APK is not just a game; it's a universe where epic heroes clash in a battle of strategy and wit. Available on Google Play and offered by Level Infinite, this masterpiece invites players into a world where every decision can turn the tides of war. Here, players are not merely participants but architects of their fate, crafting stories of courage and conquest with each move. As you navigate its realms, the game offers a tapestry of tales, each hero a thread woven into the larger narrative of triumph and teamwork.

What is New in Honor of Kings APK?

Honor of Kings charms the world with a free-to-play model that offers diverse heroes or champions, fun legendary stories, easy access to gameplay, and an active, vibrant competition scene. The latest update brings fresh excitement and dynamics to the battlefield:

  • New Characters: Joining the fray are iconic characters such as Lü Bu, Daji, Zhao Yun, Sun Shangxiang, and Li Bai, each bringing unique abilities and legendary stories to life.
  • Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics: To ensure accessible gameplay and enrich the competitive scene, the game introduces refined controls and strategic depth.
  • Graphical Enhancements: Visual upgrades that make every battle more immersive, highlighting the diverse hero roster with stunning detail.
  • Expanded Hero Abilities: New skills and powers for existing heroes, allowing for more complex strategy and play styles.
honor of kings apk
  • Revamped Ranked System: A more rewarding and fair progression for players aiming to make their mark on the competitive scene.
  • Social Features: Improved guild systems and communication tools, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.
  • Cultural Events: Seasonal and themed challenges celebrating legendary stories and characters, from Lü Bu's might to Li Bai's poetic grace.

Each update to Honor of Kings ensures that players remain engaged, offering a constantly fresh yet familiar game where strategy and skill pave the path to glory.

Features of Honor of Kings APK

Expansive Hero Pool and Customization

Honor of Kings stands out for its intricate gameplay, offering a vast Hero Pool that caters to various playstyles and strategies. Players can dive into the following features:

  • Diverse Hero Pool: Choose from a massive pool of heroes with unique abilities, roles, and lore.
  • Equipment and Items: Customize your hero's build with a colossal set of equipment and items, optimizing it for the challenges ahead.
honor of kings apk download
  • Runes: Improve your hero further with more ability customization through runes, giving more added strategy to your game.
  • Skins: Get several skins with some of your favorite heroes to ensure personality and flair in your game.

Dynamic Gameplay and Community Features

Honor of Kings enriches the gaming experience with dynamic gameplay elements and community-driven features, ensuring that every match is as engaging as the last:

  • Guild System: A player could create an alliance or join a guild to talk about strategies, form a team, etc., for Ranked Play
  • Ranked Play: Test your skills among other players, wherein each is pitted against another in a competitive environment, where strategy and teamwork shall make you move up the elevated ladder.
honor of kings apk mod
  • Adaptive Gameplay: Just another game adapts to you best, whether it's one quick match after another or more ranked rounds of play; the game is accessible but provides challenges for every player.

Altogether, these features mean Honor of Kings is a much richer, deeper experience that repeatedly draws a player back into its world, dying to try new tactics, form new alliances, and emerge victorious on the battlefield.

Best Tips for Honor of Kings APK

To excel in the vibrant world of Honor of Kings, embracing a strategic approach to the game is crucial. Here are essential tips to elevate your gameplay:

  • Map Awareness: Map awareness is a very important aspect through which one will be in a position to monitor the enemy and, therefore, be able to see opportunities for an ambush such that you won't get caught off guard. In Honor of Kings, this makes a difference between winning and losing.
honor of kings apk latest version
  • Team Coordination: Effective communication with your teammates is key. Discuss strategies, call out enemy positions, and plan your attacks together. Team coordination ensures that efforts are unified towards the common goal of destroying the enemy's base.
  • Objective Control: Focus on the main objectives like towers, dragons, and buffs. Securing these can give your team significant gold, experience, and map control advantages. In Honor of Kings, mastering objective control is a step towards mastering the game.
  • Item Builds: Customize your item builds according to what you feel will be the most needed in your team, what the enemy composition is, and how the game is playing out relative to the role of your hero. Adjusting your build will increase the effectiveness of your hero at different stages of the game.
honor of kings apk for android
  • Practice Heroes: Master heroes from different roles with time spent adequately. When you understand the strength and vulnerability of each hero and among whom they can combo from the rest of the heroes, you will gain flexibility that makes you a valuable team player.

Put this in your gameplay, and you come off as a gamer, tactician, and belligerent competitor in Honor of Kings.


Whether facing the challenge and strategy of every match, this is Honor of Kings APK MOD—a journey embracing skill, wit, and camaraderie. As you download and delve into its realms, you will not be playing a game but stepping into a world where every decision you take, every strategy you conceive, and every hero you choose will be written part of a larger epic. With the game version, you will get the best experience with high characteristics, bringing more exciting battles and making you the winner. In this, we shall all join in realizing a prophecy, from whence legends shall be born, and the tales of bravery be told with every win.

Download Honor of Kings (402.20 Mb)
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