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Discover the new version of Hello Cafe MOD APK for Android in 2024. Download now and immerse yourself in the ultimate cafe simulation game.

Information of Hello Café

Name Hello Café
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 0.0.31
Size 754.58 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer VNGGames International
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About Hello Café

Embark on a delightful journey with Hello Cafe APK, a captivating simulation game that transforms your mobile device into a bustling cafe. This exquisite game is accessible on Android through Google Play, offering a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and charm. Offered by VNGGames International, it stands as a testament to their prowess in crafting engaging simulation experiences. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a casual player, Hello Cafe promises to transport you into a world where your cafe dreams come to life, all at the touch of your fingertips.

What is New in Hello Cafe APK?

The latest update of Hello Cafe introduces a suite of enhancements and new features, meticulously designed to enrich the game experience for players. This update underscores the developers' commitment to creating a Relaxing and Enjoyable environment, amplifying the Freedom to Design, ensuring the game remains Challenging Yet Not Overwhelming, and fostering Community Building. Here's what's new:

  • Enhanced Customization Options: Dive deeper into your Freedom to Design with an expanded catalog of furniture and decor. Transform your cafe into a personal retreat that reflects your style and ethos.
  • New Secret Recipes: Players can now explore over 20 new secret recipes, adding layers of complexity and enjoyment to the game. These recipes cater to diverse tastes and ensure your cafe stands out in the competition.
hello cafe mod apk
  • Improved Staff Dynamics: Strengthen your cafe's operations with new staff management features. The update introduces specialized training programs, allowing you to tailor the skills of your employees to meet the demands of your growing business.
  • Community Events: Engage in Community Building through newly introduced community events and challenges. These events offer players the opportunity to interact, share tips, and showcase their cafe designs for rewards.
  • New Characters: Enriching the game further, this update brings a host of new Characters to life, each with unique backstories and preferences. These Characters add depth to the gameplay, making every interaction memorable and rewarding.

The latest version of Hello Cafe not only elevates the gaming experience but also ensures that both new and veteran players find something exciting to return to, making every cafe management journey Relaxing and Enjoyable, creatively liberating, sufficiently challenging, and socially engaging.


Features of Hello Cafe APK

Hello Cafe stands out in the realm of mobile gaming with its immersive gameplay and comprehensive feature set. Each aspect of the game is designed to engage players in the nuanced art of cafe management, from Customizable Cafe Design to Craft New Menus, Staff Management, Challenging Gameplay, and Adorable Graphics. These features collectively ensure a fulfilling and enjoyable gaming experience.

Customizable Cafe Design & Craft New Menus

Hello Cafe empowers players with a profound Customizable Cafe Design feature, alongside the opportunity to Craft New Menus, allowing for unparalleled creativity and personalization.

  • Over 250 pieces of furniture in diverse styles for detailed cafe customization.
  • Freedom to select themes, layouts, and decorations, mirroring your unique style.
hello cafe mod apk download
  • Discover and collect over 150 secret recipes, enhancing your menu with exclusive drinks and desserts.
  • Serve special concoctions and sweet treats to delight and attract more customers.

Staff Management & Challenging Gameplay

Staff Management and Challenging Gameplay are pillars of the Hello Cafe experience, offering depth and dynamism to the simulation.

  • Hire from a roster of 50+ unique staff members, each bringing their own strengths to your cafe.
  • Optimize your team for efficiency, selecting super speedy servers and experts to boost profits.
hello cafe mod apk unlimited money
  • Complete missions and overcome challenges to advance your cafe, with a variety of tasks and objectives to keep the gameplay engaging.
  • Navigate through intricacies of cafe management, ensuring both staff and customers are always satisfied.

These features, from Customizable Cafe Design to Challenging Gameplay, are thoughtfully integrated into Hello Cafe, creating a rich and versatile gameplay environment that captivates and delights players at every turn.

Best Tips for Hello Cafe APK

Mastering Hello Cafe requires more than just a love for cafe culture; it demands strategy, creativity, and a keen understanding of game mechanics. Here are essential tips to elevate your game, ensuring your cafe not only thrives but becomes the talk of the town:


  • Efficient Staff Management: The backbone of any successful cafe is its staff. In Hello Cafe, paying close attention to Efficient Staff Management can significantly impact your daily earnings. Train your staff to enhance their skills and assign them tasks that match their strengths to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Regularly Update Menus: Keeping your menu fresh and exciting is crucial. Regularly Update Menus with new recipes and seasonal specials to keep customers curious and coming back for more. Experimenting with ingredients and presentation can lead to discovering a crowd-pleaser that defines your cafe.
hello cafe mod apk latest version
  • Decor Matters: First impressions count, and in Hello Cafe, your cafe's aesthetics can attract more patrons. Invest in eye-catching furniture and decorations to create a welcoming atmosphere. Remember, a happy customer spends more, so let your Decor Matters principle guide your design choices.
  • Complete Missions: Progress in Hello Cafe is not just about making money; completing missions can unlock new opportunities and rewards. Focus on these tasks as they often provide valuable resources needed for upgrading your cafe and enhancing the overall game experience. Each completed mission brings you one step closer to establishing your cafe as the ultimate destination.

Implementing these tips in your Hello Cafe strategy will ensure you manage your cafe with confidence and creativity, leading to a rewarding and engaging game experience. Whether it's through Efficient Staff Management, refreshing your menu, focusing on decor, or tackling missions head-on, success in Hello Cafe is within reach.


Embracing the vibrant world of Hello Cafe is a journey into the heart of cafe culture, wrapped in the convenience of your mobile device. With its rich blend of customization, strategic gameplay, and community engagement, it stands as a premier choice for simulation enthusiasts. As you download and delve into the game, you'll find each feature and update designed to enhance your experience, inviting you into a community of like-minded cafe aficionados. Hello Cafe MOD APK isn't just a game; it's a gateway to becoming the ultimate cafe owner, blending strategy, creativity, and fun in every aspect.

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