GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32 (Menu: Cleo, Unlimited money)

Icon GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32 (Menu: Cleo, Unlimited money)
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In GTA San Andreas Mod APK, Carl Johnson must return to Grove Street and the crime-infested city of Los Santos to set things right following the death of his mother.

Information of GTA San Andreas

Name GTA San Andreas
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 2.11.32
Size 1.39 Gb
Category Action
Developer Rockstar Games
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited weapons and ammo
  • God mode

About GTA San Andreas

Developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, GTA San Andreas APK is the Android port for the classic worldwide hit GTA San Andreas which was initially released on the PlayStation 2 in 2004. GTA San Andreas APK was the fifth entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, a series of games known for incredibly gripping stories, massive open worlds, industry-leading graphics, and completely unfiltered freedom.

gta san andreas apk

GTA San Andreas was released 2 years after GTA Vice City, which came out in 2002 and quickly overtook it to become Rockstar's most iconic and controversial release to date. The game received multiple accolades and endless praise from the gaming community making it a classic with it having sold over 27 million copies within its lifetime.

The Gripping Action-Packed Story Mode of GTA San Andreas Mod APK OBB

GTA San Andreas APK latest version easily has one of the most engaging stories of any game out on Android. This may be considered as it is a port, but we have to give credit where credit is due.

The story kicks off when CJ lands in Los Santos and makes his way to Grove Street to mourn the death of his mother after she is mysteriously murdered. CJ walks into a world collapsing in on itself and soon finds himself drowning in the rubble after aligning with the wrong people.

gta san andreas apk download

CJ gets framed for homicide and is now forced to act as a puppet for two corrupt cops who use him to further their own agendas in the city.

Limitless Exploration in a Bustling Game World

The story of GTA San Andreas APK is set in the sprawling city of Los Santos, a massive landscape with a variety of zones from the concrete jungle that is the city center to the scorching deserts and mountain tops you'll find in the city outskirts.

You can access any point you see on the map as there are no invisible walls in sight with the only exception being most interiors. Some cities will be locked for a while until certain story missions are complete with cities such as Las Venturas, Bone County, San Fierro, and Flint County being some of them.

GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2023 Quick Guide

  • GTA San Andreas APK Offline is quite a long game, the game has over 100 story missions and an almost equal number of side missions.
  • Completing the game's story mode could take you between 25-30 hours
gta san andreas apk latest version
  • Missions can be identified from the mini-map at the bottom left corner of the screen
  • Missions will appear in the form of initials with different initials representing different people e.g. S for Sweet and BS for Big Smoke
  • You don’t have to do all the missions to complete the story, some missions are only there to add depth and won’t hinder the story
  • To complete the game entirely including side missions and collectibles could take upwards of 70 hours
  • Use vehicles to get around the city quicker with multiple means of transport available to you
  • Use CJ’s arsenal of weapons to take out enemies, cops, and rival gangs
  • Committing crimes will raise your Wanted Level, indicated by stars right below your money counter
  • Getting too notorious will increase the police’s aggressiveness towards you as they will try to take you in dead or alive
  • Lower your Wanted Level by laying low, bribing cops, saving the game, or repainting your car

Game-Changing Features in GTA San Andreas Mod APK Download Android 2023

  • Revolutionary Gameplay Mechanics

GTA San Andreas APK offline was the game to own when it came out in 2004. Everything about the game was perfect and felt incredibly refined even on what is now regarded as ancient hardware.

gta san andreas apk for android

The game mechanics such as driving, traversal, shooting and so much more were all leagues ahead of the competition and set the standard for the gaming industry

  • Industry-Leading Graphics for its Time

Looking at GTA San Andreas APK Latest Version and comparing it to recent games wouldn’t be a fair comparison as it came out almost two decades ago. This doesn’t mean that the graphics don’t still hold up today, because they absolutely do. The game though old still looks great and is very serviceable, especially on Android devices. 

  • A Rich Intriguing Story

Something you won’t find in a lot of Android games out right now is a fleshed-out story or at least a story as deep as the one in GTA San Andreas APK OBB.

gta san andreas apk new version

The game had the luxury of releasing on consoles first, meaning a lot of love was put into crafting a thrilling story that is still relevant to this day and still holds up as one of the best gaming stories ever told.

  • Free-Roam an Expansive Open World

The map in GTA San Andreas APK 2023 is still huge even by today’s standards. The map has so many various zones each with distinct characters, aesthetics, and even storylines. Anywhere you can see with your naked eye on the map you can go, making it a pure free-roam experience. 

Take a break from the main story and explore every corner of the world to uncover cool secrets and Easter eggs that the developers left behind.

GTA San Andreas Mod APK + OBB 15MB Download

GTA San Andreas APK for Android is one of the best-selling games of all time and it’s not hard to see why.

gta san andreas apk 2023

It is very clear from the moment you start the game that the creators put so much love into it and really wanted to tell a story in the best way they know how. Every aspect of the game is expertly refined owing to a grand experience that is comparable to nothing else on the Google Play Store.

Closing Remarks

If there’s one game I will eternally recommend to any fan of gaming, it must be GTA San Andreas APK. The game is a masterpiece and will always maintain a level of respect and honor among gamers as a pacesetter for its genre.

Download GTA San Andreas (1.39 Gb)
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