GTA San Andreas Mod APK 2.11.32 (Menu/Cleo/Unlimited money)

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Dive into GTA San Andreas MOD APK latest version for Android in 2024. Download the game and unleash unparalleled action today!

Information of GTA San Andreas

Name GTA San Andreas
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 2.11.32
Size 1.39 Gb
Category Action
Developer Rockstar Games
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited weapons and ammo
  • God mode

About GTA San Andreas

Engage in a unique action-packed experience with GTA San Andreas APK, a game that has changed the mobile gaming scene. Rockstar Games presents this outstanding creation on the Android platform on Google Play.

It is more than just a simple game; it explores a carefully designed universe where disorder and liberty intermingle, beckoning players to explore San Andreas's bustling, lively roads. By launching on the Android market, GTA San Andreas offers a captivating experience comparable to its console and PC versions, bringing the excitement of exploration to your mobile device.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing GTA San Andreas

The outstanding visual fidelity of GTA San Andreas captivates players, elevating the game experience to an extraordinary level. The improved visuals make San Andreas's vibrant, chaotic environment come alive with amazing clarity, transforming each mission, chase, and exploration into a visually stunning experience.

Gamers are not simply engaging in gameplay; they inhabit a vast, intricate universe that competes with real life. The introduction of cross-device play enhances the gaming experience by enabling players to switch gameplay between various Android devices smoothly. This function guarantees that the excitement of the game is always easily accessible with just a few clicks, no matter your location or device.

gta san andreas apk

Moreover, the game shines in controls, providing intuitive and adaptable choices that suit every player's tastes. The precise movement and camera control offered by the dual analog stick controls enhances the experience of driving, shooting, and navigating through the game's world, making them more engaging and enjoyable.

GTA San Andreas includes hours and hours of gameplay, featuring a large adventure with plenty of missions and challenges. The game never allows the player to get bored, thus giving the series huge replay value.

Moreover, this game is translated into many languages, giving a worldwide auditory opportunity to fully understand the storyline and gameplay of GTA San Andreas for people from other regions.

Features of GTA San Andreas APK

  • Expansive Open World: GTA San Andreas has a huge map for players to explore, providing a setting with eminently rich and diverse characteristics reminiscent of the real world. Gamers experience three great cities and a vast countryside with missions and surprises spread throughout.
  • Engaging Narrative: This sets up the crux of GTA San Andreas, a story of lies, kinship, and dishonesty. This story follows throughout the gameplay, and the player is plunged into Carl Johnson's rollercoaster ride down the ruthless streets of San Andreas to safeguard his family and take control of the underground.
gta san andreas apk download
  • Optimized Performance: The improvement targets Android devices; hence, GTA San Andreas improves the fluid and interactive performance of playing. This enhancement saves one from experience without irritation, delays, and malfunctions.
  • High-Resolution Graphics: This game provides better clarity of all the visuals, providing enhanced visual quality and immersion several times. Everything in this, from the design of the characters to the background textures, has been highly fine-tuned, giving a complete and subtle gaming experience.
  • Cloud Save Support: Cloud Save support lets gamers save their game progress online and access it across different devices. This makes the device transition on GTA San Andreas smooth.
  • Dual Analog Stick Controls: San Andreas introduced dual analog stick controls for impeccable control over movement and camera angles. These have a high level of control activity in the environment and, hence, very smooth and intuitive interaction.
  • Customizable Controls: GTA San Andreas allows players to change controls according to their preferences. Gamers can change the control interface to their convenience, gaining ease and effectiveness in all the activities and tasks.
gta san andreas apk latest version
  • MoGa Wireless Game Controller Compatibility: If you like using traditional gaming controls, you can use MoGa Wireless Game Controllers with GTA San Andreas. This improved compatibility enhances the gaming experience by providing an option besides touchscreen controls, resulting in a more interactive and tangible gaming experience.
  • Integrated Immersion Tactile Effects: GTA San Andreas features incorporated Immersion tactile effects to improve the sensory feel of gameplay. These vibrations give players a more realistic experience in the action-packed world of San Andreas.

Characters in GTA San Andreas APK

  • Carl “CJ” Johnson: CJ, an abbreviation of Carl Johnson, is the main character in GTA San Andreas, who comes back to San Andreas for the vengeance of the killer who killed his mother and to save his family and friends from failing nothingness and into a never-ending gangster lifestyle of drugs and crime. His adventures in the game are full of redemption-seeking, personal development, and efforts to attain dominance in the chaotic environment that San Andreas offers.
  • Big Smoke: Big Smoke, a friend of CJ from childhood, is one of the characters who helps CJ understand the complexities of gang life at first. Nevertheless, his underlying reasons and faithfulness are crucial aspects of the game's plot, contributing complexity and mystery to the story.
gta san andreas apk for android
  • Ryder: Ryder is known for his unique personality and plays a significant role in the beginning of GTA San Andreas as one of CJ's old pals. His choices and behaviors are vital in shaping the outcome of CJ's journey and the game's storyline.
  • Officer Tenpenny: Officer Tenpenny represents corruption and manipulation in the police force as the main antagonist in GTA San Andreas. His involvement with CJ and other figures demonstrates the negative sides of authority and domination in San Andreas, positioning him as a key player in the game's examination of fairness and ethics.

Best Tips for GTA San Andreas APK

  • Save Regularly: The game world of GTA San Andreas is so unpredictable; literally, anything could happen at any time. When you save your progress regularly, you feel free to be more experimental and even take risks, knowing in a way that the important progress made so far will not be lost.
  • Explore: With such a huge open world, it is no wonder GTA San Andreas might hold many surprises, missions, and activities. Time spent going off the beeline will enhance the gameplay through special encounters and chances to find secret treasures.
gta san andreas apk new version
  • Improve Skills: CJ's driving, shooting, and physical fitness proficiency significantly influences gameplay. Devoting time to improve these skills simplifies missions and grants access to new abilities and enhancements that may become crucial in future game levels.
  • Customize CJ: In GTA San Andreas, customizing CJ with clothing, tattoos, and hairstyles goes beyond looks. It impacts how characters in the game respond to him, shaping his standing and dealings in different communities.
  • Manage Gang Territories: Taking control and defending territories in GTA San Andreas is crucial for generating income and gaining power in the game. Strategically managing these areas can provide resources and support for CJ's endeavors across San Andreas.


To fully engage in GTA San Andreas is to enter a vast adventure that mesmerizes with its complexity, story, and unmatched liberty. This Android version captures the spirit of adventure and defiance and is carefully designed for playing on mobile devices. It's an invitation to explore the nostalgic streets of San Andreas with modern convenience and innovation for today's gamers.

The action awaits enthusiasts eager to dive back into the thrilling world of San Andreas or newcomers ready to discover its allure. Embark on this legendary journey today by ensuring to download GTA San Andreas MOD APK and unlock the door to a world brimming with challenges, excitement, and endless exploration.

Download GTA San Andreas (1.39 Gb)
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