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GTA 5 Mod APK 2023 Without verification is an open-world sandbox game developed by Rockstar that will see you return to the beautiful city of Los Santos as 3 characters each with unique stories.

Information of GTA 5

Name GTA 5
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.3
Size 368 MB
Category Action
Developer Rockstar Games
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About GTA 5

GTA 5 APK is the seventh installment in the main Grand Theft Auto series of games and is the most successful game in the franchise with over 175 million units sold since its release in 2013. Grand Theft Auto 5 takes place in the massive city of Los Santos which is a sprawling landscape that acts as the playground for the three main protagonists of the story. The city is huge and has multiple zones for you to explore with every corner of the map being accessible to you.

The City of Los Santos

The city of Los Santos found in the state of San Andreas is the main setting of GTA 5 APK OBB and is where our 3 protagonists meet. The city’s dazzling skyline and stunning zones are a cover for the gritty criminal underbelly that rules the city. Indulge in all manner of vice in a corrupt city that is the perfect setting for a game of this kind. Los Santos is modeled after the real-life city of Los Angeles and is a masterfully done recreation of the city with iconic streets and landmarks all found in the game. The world is so realistically recreated that some streets and areas are indistinguishable from the actual places.

gta 5 apk

Last seen in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, journey back to an even more fleshed out version of Los Santos packed with things to do and activities to indulge in from the wild nightlife to lifestyle activities such as hiking, cycling, golf, tennis and so much more in GTA 5 APK Mobile.

GTA 5 APK Latest Version Plot Summary

GTA 5 APK Latest Version begins with two out of our three protagonists named Michael and Trevor undertaking a robbery that goes south leading to one of their partners dying. Michael is supposedly dead and Trevor retires to a life of debauchery on the outskirts of Los Santos. Trevor discovers that Michael had been alive for years and was living a luxurious life in Los Santos under witness protection which leads to him finding his way to Los Santos to confront his old friend.

The third protagonist is Franklin, a tough young man from Grove street out to transform his future and get himself out of the hood. He meets up with Michael while repossessing his car which sparks a new partnership that completes the trio.

GTA 5 Mobile APK OBB Gameplay

The main campaign of GTA 5 APK download for Android is a purely single-player experience but the game also features a multiplayer mode in the form of GTA Online. During the campaign, you can switch between the different characters at will at any given time. Each character has different special attributes that make each of them unique, during missions where all characters are involved you can switch between them to better utilize their special traits.

gta 5 apk download

Each character has their own main mission which can be identified on the map marked with the first letter of their name. Completing missions will help you progress with the story with the individual missions eventually intertwining. Explore the world to discover secondary missions and other random encounters that will lead to exciting gameplay moments outside of the main story that takes advantage of the huge map. 

The Incredible Feature List of GTA 5 APK Latest Version

  • Outstanding 3D Graphics and Visuals

GTA 5 APK No Verification is visually stunning in every way. The character models and environment textures were industry-leading at the time of release almost a decade ago and still hold up to this day.

gta 5 mobile apk

You will find yourself countless times staring in awe at all the little details Rockstar Games managed to fit into this game with every minute detail being taken into account. The lighting effects really make the game world come alive with remarkable reflections and god rays giving the game a very polished look.

  • Multiple Protagonists

GTA 5 APK download free features multiple protagonists and lets you play out narratives unique to each character through a dynamic character selection system. During gameplay GTA 5 APK OBB will let you switch between characters at will at any point in time letting you hop in and take control of whatever they were doing while inactive. On many occasions, you will find your character taking part in random activities creating the illusion that they are always busy on a day to day.

  • Explosive Missions 

GTA 5 APK for Android features a number of action-packed missions to keep you engaged for countless hours. The missions are intense and eventful putting you in wild scenarios that serve up tons of fun. The game has 69 main missions and 4 additional assassination missions for the single-player campaign.

  • Vast Arsenal of Weapons and Drivable Vehicles

GTA 5 APK Mobile lets you go absolutely trigger crazy with the tons of weapons it avails to you. In GTA 5, you will have up to 59 separate weapons ranging from multiple different types such as handguns, shotguns, machine guns, throwables, and melee weapons.

gta 5 apk for android

The game also has 200+ vehicles for you to enjoy ranging from sedans and military vehicles to passenger planes and private jets.

  • An Expansive Sprawling Map

The map in Grand Theft Auto V is one of the richest sandbox experiences out there with a bustling world that feels alive. The map is a mind-boggling 48.15 square kilometers and has a water area of 27.68 square kilometers, all this is fully explorable with no limits to your exploration.

GTA 5 APK Download for Android

GTA 5 APK OBB developed by Rockstar Games is arguably one of the greatest games of all time and it is not hard to see why. Rockstar Games is known for its incredible quality and outstanding creativity when it comes to world-building and creating an engaging world and GTA 5 APK Download Free is an excellent example with it being one of their finest works to date.


Get to experience one of the greatest games of the past decade in this mobile release for GTA 5 APK No Verification. The game is an absolute masterpiece and deserves to be experienced in all its glory. Download GTA 5 APK to get started on the epic story of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in their violent search for financial freedom through a series of heists and events that would culminate into a mind-blowing finale.

Download GTA 5 (368 MB)
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