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Dive into GTA 3 – NETFLIX APK latest version, the 2024 action game sensation for Android. Download now for an unparalleled gaming experience!

Information of GTA 3 – NETFLIX

Compatible with Android 11+
Last version 1.72.42919648
Size 874.3 MB
Category Action
Developer Netflix, Inc.
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Netflix has entered the world of action-packed mobile gaming with GTA 3 – NETFLIX APK. The crown gem of Android gaming, this game redefines mobile gaming. Its Google Play presence shows the developer's dedication to digital-age content. GTA 3 - NETFLIX offers adventure and challenges around every corner in Liberty City, capturing the essence of immersive gaming.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing GTA 3 – NETFLIX 

GTA 3 – NETFLIX is a game and a phenomenon that connects gamers. Portability boosts its appeal. Exploring Liberty City on your phone is a privilege in today's fast-paced world.

Escape into a beautifully designed environment anytime, anywhere with this game. Adventurers love Liberty City because they can easily put themselves in Claude's shoes and navigate its complex streets.

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gta 3 netflix apk

The affordability and ease of use of Rockstar Games' GTA 3 – NETFLIX have won over players. It offers high-quality gaming at an affordable price.

This and the lack of adverts and in-app purchases improve the play experience. No advertising or pushy sales ensures a smooth and immersive gameplay experience.

Features of GTA 3 – NETFLIX APK 

GTA 3 – NETFLIX Abrings offers many features that enhance the gameplay and overall experience for gamers delving into the criminal underworld of Liberty City.

  • Updated graphics: The visual experience in GTA III – NETFLIX is a significant leap from its predecessors. Players enjoy high-resolution textures, enhanced character models, and dramatic lighting effects with updated visuals. This graphics update makes Liberty City's busy streets visually appealing for chases and exploration.
  • Customizable controls: Understanding the diversity of player preferences, GTA 3 – NETFLIX offers Customizable controls. This feature allows you to tailor the on-screen control layout to suit your comfort, ensuring that each mission and action sequence feels intuitive and responsive. Whether you prefer thumb-friendly button placement or a more spread-out layout, the game adapts to your playstyle.


gta 3 netflix apk download
  • Cloud saves: Cloud saves are a blessing in today's device-hopping environment. Start your game on one device and pick up where you left off on another with GTA 3 – NETFLIX. This continuity keeps your Liberty City criminal progress intact.
  • Support for controllers: GTA 3 - NETFLIX adds controller support for more haptic gaming. This lets Android users connect Xbox and PlayStation controllers for a more console-like gaming experience.

Each feature is meticulously crafted by Netflix Games, reinforcing the commitment to deliver a gaming experience that is not just about playing a game but about being wholly absorbed in the world of GTA III – NETFLIX.

Characters in GTA 3 – NETFLIX APK

In GTA 3 – NETFLIX, a cast of compelling characters drives the narrative, each with their distinct persona, adding depth to the game's rich storyline:

  • Claude: The silent and enigmatic protagonist of GTA 3 – NETFLIX, Claude is a criminal navigating the treacherous pathways of Liberty City. His journey through the game's underworld is marked by betrayal and a quest for revenge, making him a fascinating character to control and understand.
  • Catalina: Catalina was Claude's volatile ex-girlfriend. As the game's adversary, she drives the plot. Her unpredictability and ruthlessness in crime make her a formidable character in GTA 3 – NETFLIX.
gta 3 netflix apk obb
  • Salvatore Leone: As leader of the Leone crime family, Salvatore Leone is a notable Liberty City criminal. His complicated interactions with other characters and involvement in complex plotlines are crucial to the game's advancement.
  • Joey Leone: Joey Leone, son of Salvatore Leone, is important in the game. His behavior adds to the GTA 3 – NETFLIX experience by reflecting his Liberty City criminal family background.
  • Toni Cipriani: A faithful Leone family member, Toni Cipriani enhances GTA 3 - NETFLIX's depiction of criminal underworld loyalty and power conflicts. Missions make him crucial to the game's narrative.


Each of these characters enhances the immersive experience of GTA 3 – NETFLIX, bringing unique stories and motivations that enrich the gameplay and storyline.

Best Tips for GTA 3 – NETFLIX APK 

Mastering the game for players diving into GTA 3 – NETFLIX is key to a fulfilling experience. Here are some invaluable tips to enhance your gameplay:

  • Save often: In the unpredictable world of GTA 3 – NETFLIX, saving your progress frequently is crucial. This habit ensures that you don’t lose your progress during critical missions or after accomplishing significant feats. Regular saving allows you to experiment and explore with less risk.
  • Explore the city: Liberty City is huge and full of surprises. Exploring the city teaches you its layout and reveals secret treasures, easter eggs, and unique side activities that enhance your game experience.
gta 3 netflix apk android
  • Complete side missions: GTA 3 - NETFLIX includes side quests with distinct challenges and rewards. Completing these objectives is about exploring the city's different residents and the game's narrative, not just collecting more gold.
  • Use cover: The game’s combat situations can be intense. Learning to use cover during gunfights effectively is crucial for survival. It provides a strategic advantage, allowing you to avoid enemy fire and plan your next move.
  • Upgrade your weapons: As you progress in GTA 3 – NETFLIX, you’ll encounter increasingly tougher opponents. Upgrading your weapons ensures you are equipped to handle these challenges. Better weaponry means more power and efficiency in combat, giving you an edge over your adversaries.

These tips can significantly enhance your GTA 3 – NETFLIX gameplay, ensuring each session is as thrilling and rewarding as possible.


GTA 3 – NETFLIX APK OBB immerses you in a vivid world of intrigue, adventure, and unlimited possibilities. This game shows what mobile gaming can do with its remarkable features, intriguing characters, and useful gameplay advice. It's tough and rewarding to explore, strategize, and conquer Liberty City.

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