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Explore the fictional city of Vice City based on the real-life Miami in GTA Vice City APK MOD, an open-world action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North.

Information of GTA Vice City

Name GTA Vice City
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 1.12
Size 1.4 GB
Category Arcade
Developer Rockstar Games
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlimited Money

To set up:

1. "APK" install it on your device.

2. Copy "android/obb" to "com.rockstargames.gtavc" folder.

3. Enter the game.

About GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City APK MOD is an open-world sandbox game developed by veteran game developer Rockstar games. The wing responsible for GTA Vice City APK MOD Download is Rockstar North, the studio behind some of the greatest games of all time.

gta vice city apk download 2023

GTA Vice City Mobile Game is the mobile port of the smash-hit Grand Theft Auto Vice City which was released in 2002 to much commercial success. GTA Vice City APK MOD is one of three Rockstar-developed games ported to mobile devices with the other two being Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Background Story of GTA Vice City APK Download 2023

The game follows the story of notorious criminal Tommy Vercetti and his exploits in the glamorous crime-ridden metropolis that is Vice City. Tommy is no stranger to crime, he had just been released from serving a 15-year-long prison sentence during his stint in Liberty City and was about to make a name for himself in fictional Miami. Tommy receives a call from his old boss Sonny Forelli, the head of the Forelli Family, who requires him to capitalize on the booming drug market down south. Tommy heads to the city to meet with an associate named Rosenberg thus kicking off the game’s main story.

GTA Vice City APK MOD Download features a massive open world for you to interact with throughout your journey up the crime ladder. Vice City is sprawling and rich in character and personality, you have near unlimited access to all facets of the city allowing you to take in everything it has to offer. You will have your very own apartment at the beginning of the game in one of the hotels along Ocean Drive, this will act as your hub and as a point for you to save the game.

It doesn’t take too long for Tommy to find himself in trouble in Vice City after he gets himself caught up in a deal gone sour leading to the murder of some of his friends and associates. Tommy is left with the burden of paying back his boss Sonny after they were robbed during the deal, forcing him to do a number of odd jobs to pay back his debt.

The Story of GTA Vice City is intriguing and long featuring tons of action, betrayal, and revelations all culminating in a satisfying end with Tommy at the top of the food chain. Interact with a bunch of characters along your journey with the likes of Lance Vance, your temporary partner and one of the survivors from the botched drug deal, Ricardo Diaz, a crime lord and leader of the Diaz Gang, and many more.

gta vice city download apk

GTA Vice City APK MOD Download is a third-person experience where you will have total freedom to do as you please in an open landscape. Customize your character’s outfits, steal cars, commit crimes, and escape the law all in your pursuit of raising enough money to clear your debts and become one of the biggest crime lords in Vice City.

Playing GTA Vice City Download APK

  • In GTA Vice City MOD APK MOD MENU you will have the freedom to explore the world doing missions at your own pace
  • You will be able to hijack vehicles to help you travel across the large map
  • Multiple buildings are accessible to you allowing you to explore them with most of them being involved in missions
  • In GTA Vice City APK Download 2023, you will be able to purchase property which will unlock unique missions and further gameplay opportunities
  • Purchase weapons from ammu-nation or kill gang members or police to steal their weapons
  • Eating fast food will help heal Tommy from any injuries replenishing his health
  • You can make money in the game by also participating in side activities such as street races
  • Avoid the water, jumping into the water will instantly kill you

Captivating Features in GTA Vice City Free Download for Android

  • An Incredibly Fun Open-World Experience

The world in the game is a blast to explore as it features so many unique environments that take a lot of inspiration from real-life Miami. The aesthetic is very pleasing to the eye and does its real-life counterpart much justice. Everything from the way people dress to the vehicles in the game look authentic and true to the time making for a truly satisfying experience.

gta vice city apk mod
  • An Epic Story

GTA Vice City APK Download 2023 features an insane story filled with twists and interesting turns that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Watch as Tommy overcomes multiple obstacles that will arise from the botched drug deal totally flipping the game’s story on its head and taking players on a wild memorable ride.

  • A Ton of Weapons

GTA Vice City APK Download 2023 hands players a literal arsenal of weapons ranging from melee weapons such as bats and golf clubs to devastating ranged weapons such as sniper rifles and rocket launchers. All these weapons will come in handy at some point in the story giving you the opportunity to explore their various uses in different scenarios.

  • Authentic Soundtrack

To truly bring out the aura of the 80s, the developers of GTA Vice City included licensed 80’s inspired songs from the exact era to help add to the authenticity. You will find iconic songs from some of the greatest musical artists such as Michael Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne and so many more.

GTA Vice City APK Free Download

GTA Vice City MOD APK Download Unlimited Money is a perfect port of an iconic game that allows people who have never played the game, or lacked the hardware, to experience the game in all its glory. The game is exactly the same as it was on consoles back in 2002 so players who got to experience it before will barely be able to spot a difference.

gta vice city apk free d


GTA Vice City Mobile Game is an iconic game that deserves to be experienced by every gamer out there. It was one of the first few fully 3D open-world gaming experiences that opened up the market to this style of gameplay that we can see popping up everywhere. The game is a masterpiece that is worthy of your time and attention.

Download GTA Vice City (1.4 GB)
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