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Download GoTube MOD APK latest version for Android and dive into endless ‎entertainment with your favorite apps.

Information of GoTube

Name GoTube
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version
Size 21.19 Mb
Category Entertainment
Developer GoTube Studio
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
  • Premium Unlocked

About GoTube

GoTube APK stands tall among video & music player apps tailored to tickle the fancy of mobile users for a smooth entertainment experience on their Android devices. GoTube Studio—the hallowed name of quality and novelty in mobile applications—brings this gem to Google Play. Catering to all, GoTube redefines video and music streaming standards with a user-friendly experience and the mightiest features. Comprised and developed to meet the very diversified needs of Android users, it captured the essence of convenience and flexibility, making it an app one wouldn't like to be without, especially if one values the superordinate convenience of multimedia content at hand.

How to Use GoTube APK

  • Download GoTube from Google Play to dive into a world where apps meet unparalleled convenience.
  • Launch GoTube and explore Trending Content with just a few taps, finding videos and music that resonate with your interests.
gotube mod apk
  • Use the Efficient Search feature to locate your favorite shows, songs, or playlists.
  • Enjoy the Background Playback feature, where you can browse through your device and do other activities while listening to music or watching videos.
  • You can customize how the content appears to your specified desires and take advantage of Battery Optimization settings so that it doesn't drain your power unnecessarily and you remain entertained for longer.

Comprehensive Features of GoTube APK

  • Trending Content Collection: GoTube offers a meticulously curated selection of trending content, ensuring users have immediate access to the latest and most popular videos and music. This feature aligns perfectly with the dynamic preferences of app enthusiasts seeking fresh, engaging content daily.
  • Playlist Management: With GoTube, users can effortlessly create and manage their playlists, adding their favorite tracks and videos without logging in. This simplifies the process of personalizing entertainment experiences on mobile devices.
gotube mod apk download
  • Quality Switching: GoTube can seamlessly switch quality to cater to varied internet speeds and data plans. Users can switch between different video qualities from 240p to 1080p for the best experience, irrespective of the connectivity.
  • Endless Online Music Streaming: Welcome to an ocean of music with GoTube’s endless online streaming service. It features a large library collection of genres and top musicians to cover tastes and preferences in every way.
  • Closed Captioning: To improve the viewing experience, GoTube applies closed captions in much of its content. Therefore, users who both like or require subtitles can enjoy it.
  • Efficient Search: Find what you're looking for in no time with GoTube’s efficient search functionality. The app makes discovery effortless, whether it's videos, music channels, or specific playlists.
  • Content Management: GoTube excels in content management, allowing users to easily access and organize their favorite videos, channels, and playlists. This feature keeps entertainment personalized and organized.


gotube mod apk latest version
  • Night Mode: Night Mode reduces the light setting on the screen so you can enjoy watching videos late at night without any issue of eye strain.
  • Sleep Timer: The sleep timer feature helps users sleep with their favorite TV shows or songs. One can simply set a timer, and GoTube will automatically pause the playback, thus saving battery and data being consumed.

Best Tips for GoTube APK

  • Minimized Mode: One of the liked functions of GoTube is the minimized mode. With minimized mode, users could keep the opportunity to use an app on their devices or the device itself and continue listening to audio in the background. It's perfect for multitasking, ensuring you don't miss a beat of your favorite tunes or podcast episodes.
  • Night Mode: Put the app into Night Mode to avoid visual discomfort when viewing something in the middle of the night. This darkens the entire interface, making it much easier for the eyes to see in low-light scenarios. It's not just to look good; the truth is, in practice, it is a very useful tool every day to be used for longer periods in comfort.
gotube mod apk for android
  • Sleep Timer: Utilize the Sleep Timer feature to manage your listening or viewing habits before bed. Whether it's winding down with a playlist or a late-night show, you can set GoTube to turn off automatically after a specified duration. This ensures your device won’t run all night, saving battery and data while you sleep soundly.
  • Efficient Search: Tap into the power of GoTube's search capabilities to locate videos, music, and playlists easily. The platform is designed in a way that it shuts off the noise, bringing to you only what you are after. They help save time because more time is spent enjoying content instead of searching.

Including these tips in your GoTube usage will greatly boost your experience, making it more enjoyable, convenient, and tailored to your lifestyle. Minimize mode can be leveraged so that it continues to play. Night mode assures comfortable viewing at night, listening controlled by setting a sleep timer, and if you need to search efficiently, then GoTube will have your mobile entertainment above the norm.


GoTube APK Alternatives

  • iTube: A highly competitive application designed for streaming content, iTube makes an offer proposition compared to its equals: an ad-free environment and the capability to play in the background. Specially designed for the Android user who loves to experience uninterrupted music and video on their phone or device, it brings a user-friendly interface. iTube is an interesting option that guarantees an uninterrupted pure entertainment experience without bothering about what other normal, average developers do, which is ads.
gotube mod apk new
  • YouTube Music: YouTube Music is a formidable alternative, leveraging the vast YouTube database to provide a wide-ranging music streaming service. It integrates personalized playlists and recommendations, enhancing the user experience with a service that learns and adapts to your preferences. For GoTube users looking for an app backed by Google’s robust infrastructure, offering free and premium tiers, YouTube Music represents a sophisticated choice in the app marketplace.
  • SkyTube: For enthusiasts of open-source apps and those wary of ads, SkyTube offers a refreshing alternative. It differentiates itself by focusing on privacy and a non-commercial viewing experience, appealing to users desiring control over their content consumption without tracking or advertisements. SkyTube appeals to a niche yet growing segment of Android users seeking a purer form of video streaming grounded in the principles of open-source development and community-driven enhancements.


Embarking on a journey with GoTube transforms your Android device into a nexus of unparalleled entertainment. The invitation to download this app is not merely an offer; it's an entry ticket to a world where music and video content converge harmoniously, tailored to your taste and preferences. With its user-centric design, GoTube MOD APK is a testament to how mobile applications can elevate the everyday experience, making it richer, more accessible, and infinitely more enjoyable. This app is more than a tool; it's a companion for those who cherish entertainment without bounds.

Download GoTube (21.19 Mb)
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