Geometry Dash Mod APK 2.2.13 (Menu/All Unlocked/God mode/Money/Everything)

Icon Geometry Dash Mod APK 2.2.13 (Menu/All Unlocked/God mode/Money/Everything)
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Download Geometry Dash MOD APK latest version, the ultimate platformer game for Android in 2024. Experience the thrill and challenge!

Information of Geometry Dash

Name Geometry Dash
Compatible with Android 4.0+
Last version 2.2.13
Size 84.7 MB
Category Arcade
Developer RobTop Games
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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money

About Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash APK will be a rhythm-based action that is famous in mobile games. Now, on Android, which was brought to the platform by Google Play, this game hurls gamers into a time where timing and reflexes know no limits on leading one to achievement. The game throws gamers into dynamic levels while syncing with original soundtracks. As the player moves in this beautiful world, several obstructions and challenges come up, demanding absolute accuracy and the right rhythm. As a result, players had to keep pushing their ability and resilience to the test with every passing second of the game.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash wins the hearts of its users with just the right blend of Challenging Fun and Skill Development. It's a runner game that requires precision and timing as it takes all kinds of adrenaline down a path of manicured-level design.

It is accuracy with reaction to a changing scenario; it's a mind marathon in developing the ability of anticipation and reaction. Every attempt in both failure and success is a journey to master the rhythm and is equally as rewarding after arriving at that place in the first instance.

geometry dash apk

Moreover, Geometry Dash is renowned for its Endless Content and Community Interaction. Apart from the initially set levels, the game opens a creativity laboratory provided by its level editor in which the gamers can create and share their challenges afterward. This way, the feature can fatten the game’s ecosystem with countless new experiences and create a truly live and breathing community.

They add another very personal bent to the already very personal experiences. Socializing with other enthusiasts, following the news, and sharing the fruits of play are all bound in with interactivity, with what one does as part and parcel of playing getting embedded in the global tapestry of Geometry Dash aficionados.

Features of Geometry Dash APK

  • Rhythm-based Action Platforming: This will introduce one to fine gameplay featuring cool beats with every jump and take one into a rhythmic adventure, dogging to make every level look like a dance of precision and timing.
  • Unique Soundtracks: Each level carries a unique tone that drifts in the world of gameplay. These not meaningless tunes contribute greatly to taking the gamer through the entire play and different obstacles to complete the whole experience.
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  • Level Editor: The Level Editor allows players to test their creativity by continuously using created level options. It also offers guarantees that the community of players in the game Geometry Dash enjoys developing content and challenges with unlimited life staying open.
  • Customization Options: A game might have different looks for in-game characters, unique icon replacement, and many other customization options to give players a feeling of personalization.
  • Gravity Manipulation: One special feature that makes Geometry Dash a fantastic game is the art of manipulating gravity. The player can change gravity while playing through dynamic and challenging levels. It's a new game designed by the developer to keep the game challenging and innovative, examining the flexibility and expertise of the gamer.
  • Practice Mode: This helps create an opportunity to cultivate skills through practice without pressure on the main game as the players get acclimatized with levels, timing perfects, and jump strategies perfected in a relaxed environment.


geometry dash apk latest version
  • Achievements and Rewards: Get motivated and recognized through Achievements in Geometry Dash. Enticing incentives for your continued involvement and improvement are provided. These also provide objectives beyond just completing levels.
  • No In-App Purchases: Geometry Dash has zero in-app purchases. Providing a full experience but void of overinflated expense is quite a level playing field, smoothing out the ground purely for skill development and enjoyment.

Geometry Dash APK Alternatives

  • The Impossible Game is a worthy contender in the realm of rhythm-based platformers, drawing fans with its stark abstract graphic design and unforgiving difficulty. Much like Geometry Dash, this game hooks players with its simple premise: jump at the right moment. Its minimalist approach strips down the gaming experience to pure timing and precision, offering a raw challenge that's both infuriating and addicting.
geometry dash apk for android
  • Meltdown, often seen as a cousin to Geometry Dash, offers a twist on the traditional rhythm-based platformer genre. It incorporates more of an action-packed journey with its characters wielding weapons and battling foes, set against a backdrop of pulsating music and vibrant abstract graphics. This game marries the precision and timing of platforming with the thrill of combat, providing a refreshing variation for those seeking a different challenge.
  • Super Hexagon offers an intense, fast-paced experience that tests players' reflexes and endurance. Its hypnotic abstract graphics and relentless pace create a trance-like state that's both mesmerizing and brutal. Though not a traditional platformer, it shares the rhythm-based DNA with Geometry Dash, focusing on survival in a constantly evolving kaleidoscope of obstacles. This game is a testament to simplicity in design but complexity in execution, appealing to those who thrive on high-speed challenges and instant reactions.


Best Tips for Geometry Dash APK

Practice Mode in Geometry Dash is your best friend. Utilize it to familiarize yourself with the game levels without the pressure of achieving perfect runs. This mode allows you to tackle the challenge at your own pace, helping you understand the placement of each obstacle and the rhythm of the music.

  • Master Timing: The essence of this arcade game lies in its timing. Sync your jumps and movements with the music, as it's not just background noise but a guide through the obstacles. Learning the beats can significantly push your skills to new heights.
  • Stay Calm: Geometry Dash is so hard that it nearly pushes a person to madness. Getting frustrated with it can only happen from frantic mistakes. Relax, just breathe. Every new attempt makes it a new chance for improvement. This is one of the attitudes that is key to mastering the game's hardest challenges.
geometry dash apk new version
  • Customize Your Icon: Personalization of your relationship with the game, even fonder. Setting an icon for a character or mood would catch a scene just right, wouldn't it? Little things like that make you more enthused, as they encourage you to make a little progress with your skills.
  • Learn from Others: The Geometry Dash Community is a sprawling field of players who have already beaten some of the deadliest game levels. Watch some of their videos of gameplays, learn your way around, and pick on some tips here and there. That way, when the old soldier comes to see how veterans pass obstacles, the player learns new tactics and blockbuster scenes necessary for completion.


The road in Geometry Dash is full of challenging yet fun, pleasing gameplay. This serves as a virtual playground for everybody, casual and hardcore, for hours to get attached and be charmed. With a colorful community and a gigantic, varied-level universe, Geometry Dash is positioned atop the platform genre on mobile. As you conquer this world of rhythm and precision, unlock an avalanche of adventure and self-improvement in its proximity. This is the rhythm-based challenge of Geometry Dash MOD APK, where every jump, beat, and level sends you dashing toward your zenith.

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