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Put your reflexes and hand-eye coordination to the test in Geometry Dash Mod APK 2023, an incredibly challenging rhythm-based platformer with 21 official levels and over 40 million online levels.

Information of Geometry Dash

Name Geometry Dash
Compatible with Android 4.0+
Last version 2.2
Size 84.7 MB
Category Arcade
Developer RobTop Games
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money

About Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Mod APK plays like a traditional arcade game with its stunning 2D graphics and horizontal runner-style gameplay. Developed by RobTop Games, which is in itself a development company run by one person, Geometry Dash APK Android is as addictive as it is gorgeous with its flashy colors and particle effects which only help complement the gameplay. You play as any one of 3 elements either a cube, a ball, or a UFO although you won’t be limited to these as other elements unlock as you progress.

geometry dash apk

Geometry Dash APK thrives as it feeds into the constant urge to outdo yourself with every attempt. The gameplay is super addictive in that you always feel like you can overcome a level. The problem is, most times one small mistake can undo your progress and you will have to redo everything all over again. Your reflexes will have to be perfect for at least 3 minutes which is the average time for a level in Geometry Dash Mod APK latest version.

As you progress through levels you will have to dodge spikes that cover a huge chunk of the map making your journey to the end a tall order. The first few levels will be fairly straightforward to say the least, but as you go up the 21 official levels you will notice the intensity ramping up immensely. If by some divine luck you manage to complete all 21 levels and think the game is over you will be sadly mistaken. The Geometry Dash APK original community is very active creating over 40 million levels for other users to try their luck in after they are done.

At its core, Geometry Dash APK for android is meant to be a rhythm-based game and it very much is. The game has a very unique soundtrack that at first glance might seem like distracting background music, but in reality, the soundtrack discreetly acts as a guide for players.

geometry dash apk download

The music in the game is very catchy which is a very intentional thing the developer did as hidden in the music are cues that will direct your reflexes when avoiding obstacles.

Geometry Dash Mod Mod APK is fairly easy to pick up due to its intuitive controls which only revolve around short taps, long taps, and swipes. This makes it very accessible to anyone up for a challenge that will surely have them rage quitting more than once out of frustration.


Gameplay Pointers for Geometry Dash Mod APK Full Version 2023

  • Geometry Dash Mod APK starts you off as the default cube element
  • After clicking the play button, you will be taken to the first level Stereo Madness
  • The game immediately tosses you into the action with zero hand holding
  • Tap the screen to leap over obstacles in your way
  • The longer you hold the tap the further you will leap so try and be as accurate as possible
  • Messing up will immediately transport you to the beginning of the level
geometry dash apk latest version
  • You can repeat levels as much as you want with no limit to attempts
  • Listen keenly to the music as it will guide you through levels
  • Watch out for portals as they will drastically change the flow of levels
  • Use the practice mode to get the hang of challenging sections in levels
  • Collect the hidden coins scattered across maps as they will earn you bonuses

Features That Will Keep You Coming Back to Geometry Dash Mod APK

  • Vivid 2D Graphics and Vibrant Colors

The blisteringly bright colors and detailed 2D graphics in Geometry Dash Mod APK for Android are reminiscent of old arcade games from the early 90s. The game looks as good as it plays with its retro approach which is a breath of fresh air from most games out right now.

  • Highly Addictive Gameplay

Gameplay in Geometry Dash Mod APK is its biggest selling point with a gameplay loop so addictive it can only be rivaled by the cult-classic Flappy Bird.

geometry dash apk for android

The game is so simple yet so indulging, every attempt feels like you’re making significant progress towards completing a level. After you have satisfied the itch and finished the level there is an even more challenging level awaiting you ready to keep your attention for the next few days.

  • A Compelling Soundtrack

it’s easy to tune out the soundtrack and listen to your own music with most games but not with Geometry Dash Mod APK full version 2023. The soundtrack is specifically made to get stuck in your head and it’s done so with good reason, the soundtrack acts as a guide through levels leaving hints about what to do in different scenarios.

  • A Set of Customization Options

In Geometry Dash Mod APK for Android, you will first begin with only three elements to choose from a cube, a ball, or a UFO. You can modify their colors but that’s just about it at the beginning. As you progress through the game will open up and you will have hundreds of elements to choose from that you can modify to suit you.


  • Robust Level Editor

The game features a fully fleshed-out Level Editor that lets players create levels from scratch. All assets you see in the original levels will be available to you plus so much more.

geometry dash apk new version

Let your imagination run wild and create amazing challenging levels which you can then share online for others to test out.

Best Tips for Geometry Dash Mod APK

  • Pay close attention to your surroundings

Geometry Dash Mod APK Android is a very fast-paced game with blistering motions once things get intense. To complete levels you will have to be at your absolute best for 3 minutes which means paying keen attention to levels. Remember certain obstacles and seamlessly dodge them after a couple of practice runs making them a piece of cake.

  • Listen keenly to the music

The music choice in Geometry Dash Mod APK is very intentional so to succeed it’s best to enjoy the game with headphones on to take in all the details. The music will leave hints about impending obstacles and level changes which will keep you prepared for anything the game throws at you.

  • Utilize Practice Mode as much as you can

It is nearly impossible to be perfect in all the levels of Geometry Dash Mod APK without using Practice Mode at least once.

geometry dash apk 2023

This mode allows you to leave checkpoints in levels which will allow you to replay challenging points till you master them. This helps in preparing you for tough sections by reducing the monotony of starting from the beginning each time.

Geometry Dash Mod APK Download

Take a chance with this wildly entertaining and sometimes rage-inducing arcade game from RobTop Games. With over 100 Million downloads on the Google Play store alone, there’s definitely a hidden appeal in this game that is waiting to be uncovered.


Geometry Dash Mod APK for Android is a true testament to gameplay over graphics. The graphics are nothing to write home about but the gameplay is outstanding and worth every second of your time.

Download Geometry Dash (84.7 MB)
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