FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK 3.21.0 (Unlimited money/Gems/Menu)

Icon FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK 3.21.0 (Unlimited money/Gems/Menu)
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Dive into action with FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK latest version! Download now and dominate this thrilling FPS game on your Android.

Information of FRAG Pro Shooter

Name FRAG Pro Shooter
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 3.21.0
Size 153.11 Mb
Category Action
Developer Oh BiBi
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited diamonds

Note: Coins and Diamonds increase when spent!

About FRAG Pro Shooter

FRAG Pro Shooter APK emerges as a tour de force, captivating Android users worldwide. Crafted meticulously by Oh BiBi, this masterpiece combines adrenaline-fueled skirmishes with strategic prowess, setting a new benchmark for immersive combat. The game's burgeoning popularity isn't just hearsay; its stellar recognition on Google Play is a testament to its brilliance.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing FRAG Pro Shooter

The realm of FRAG Pro Shooter is an exhilarating playground, offering a unique blend of strategy and chaos that has players clinging to the edge of their seats. As 2024 unfolds, the game continues to captivate with its infusion of rapid-fire combat and a carousel of hero choices that keep the battlegrounds rife with diversity and tactical depth. The seamless ability to switch between heroes mid-game revolutionizes how players strategize and react in real time.

frag pro shooter mod apk

Moreover, the game facilitates an online community where each player is a vital cog in a well-oiled machine. With real-time team duels, individuals synchronize in their quest for dominance, each victory a testament to cooperative brilliance. The allure lies in this camaraderie, where friends and strangers, side by side, become architects of incredible battlefield sagas.

Features of FRAG Pro Shooter APK

Diving into the vibrant universe of FRAG Pro Shooter unveils a treasure trove of features, each meticulously crafted to amplify excitement and immerse players in a realm where every second pulsates with strategic depth and high-octane action.

  • Fast-paced gameplay: Every session is a heart-racing adventure, demanding quick reflexes and sharper wits. The battleground is an arena of constant motion and surprise, where hesitation is a step towards defeat, and the bold are rewarded.
frag pro shooter mod apk download
  • 90 unique characters: A kaleidoscope of warriors at your fingertips, each infused with distinctive prowess and style. These unique characters are more than avatars; they are an extension of the player, a conduit for their strategy, courage, and flair on the battlefield.
  • Real-time team duels: The online world of FRAG is a testament to camaraderie forged in the fires of combat. Real-time team duels are not just battles; they are chess played at breakneck speed, where every move is a potential game-changer, and victory tastes sweeter with comrades by your side.
  • Switching rapidly between heroes: Unpredictability is the game's middle name. The swift control transition feature allows strategic shifts in combat roles and tactics, keeping opponents guessing and opportunities turning on the dime.
frag pro shooter mod apk unlock all characters
  • Exhilarating 1vs1 confrontations: For the glory seekers, the 1vs1 mode is a thrilling testament to the skill, where one's prowess is the only ally. It's a high-stakes ballet of bullets and strategy, rewarding precision, foresight, and nerves of steel.
  • Customization through skins: Dive into a world that’s visually yours. Skin customization isn’t just aesthetic; it’s a declaration of one’s style, an intimidation tactic, and a proud banner under which you battle.

Characters in FRAG Pro Shooter APK

In the electrifying arena of FRAG Pro Shooter, distinct personalities emerge, heroes whose abilities, designs, and backstories are nothing short of legendary. Each brings a unique flavor to the battlefield.

  • Blaze: With flames at his fingertips, Blaze scorches enemies, leaving only embers in his fiery wake. His control over fire is a spectacle and a fearsome weapon in the FRAG Pro Shooter universe.
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  • Bolt: Speed personified, dashes across the battlefield, a blur to those who can't keep up. His swift strikes confuse and dazzle, making him an unpredictable adversary.
  • Bunker: The stalwart defender. A bunker is an immovable object, a bastion that shields allies and a force that crushes foes. His presence is reassurance, and his actions are devastation.
  • Captain: Charismatic and strategic. Captain leads the fray with confidence, influencing the tide of battle. His tactical mind and leadership are beacons in the chaos of conflict.
  • Cogwheel: The ingenious mechanic, Cogwheel, brings quirkiness and deadly innovation to the game. His gadgets are a wild card, altering the rules of engagement unpredictably.
frag pro shooter mod apk for android
  • Cyber Girl: Embodying techno-finesse, Cyber Girl weaves through the digital and physical, her abilities a blend of endless prowess and agile combat.
  • Dino: A prehistoric powerhouse, Dino's raw strength and primal instincts make him a terrifying opponent. His roars resonate as echoes of victory.
  • Dracula: The sinister immortal Dracula haunts the battleground, a figure of dread elegance whose vampiric abilities sap foes' vitality and courage.
  • Dragon: Mystical and imposing, Dragon commands the ancient, elemental forces, breathing conflict and resolution in the same fiery gust.
  • Duke: The noble warrior, Duke's courage is his strength, his sword a declaration of honor, challenging all in his noble quest.

Best Tips for FRAG Pro Shooter APK

To navigate the vibrant chaos of FRAG Pro Shooter, a player must embrace both the rapid tempo of its universe and the nuanced strategy beneath its surface. Here, we unearth tips that forge average players into legends.

  • Explore the Spectrum: The game's essence lies in its variety. Engage with different characters, understanding each one's unique abilities and styles. It's not just about power; it's about synergy and surprise.
  • Strategic Positioning: Learn the landscapes you battle within. Use the terrain to your advantage, ambushing foes or sniping from vantage points. Every location is a potential ally in your strategy.
  • Adapt and Attack: Fluidity is your ally in this fast-paced realm. Attack the enemy target precisely, but be ready to switch tactics, retreat, or charge as the battlefield changes.
frag pro shooter mod apk latest version
  • The Bounty of Battle: Keep your eyes on the prizes. Completing missions for unique rewards enhances your arsenal, giving you the upper hand in future conflicts. Every mission is a step toward supremacy.
  • Continual Enhancement: In the world of FRAG Pro Shooter, stagnation is defeat. Upgrade your character, invest in their strengths, and remedy their weaknesses. Growth is the subtle secret to sustained victory.
  • Offline Practice, Online Dominance: The battleground is both offline and online. Train in solitude, mastering your skills and strategies away from prying eyes, then unleash your prowess in the online arenas.
  • Collective Strength: Remember, this is a team endeavor. Back up your comrades, devise tactics collectively, and divide the rewards of success. Cohesion can be the most powerful asset in your weaponry.


In the electrifying arenas of FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK, every moment pulses with unbridled potential. The call to arms has never been more enticing, as each update brings new thrills, challenges, and rewards. For the ardent gamer, this digital odyssey is a treasure trove of relentless action, charismatic characters, and moments of sheer brilliance that etch themselves into your gaming legacy.

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