FL STUDIO MOBILE Mod APK 4.5.7 (Pro Version Unlocked)

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Unlock audio creation with FL Studio Mobile MOD APK. Download the latest version of one of the best apps for Android in 2024 and elevate your music production journey.

Information of FL STUDIO MOBILE

Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 4.5.7
Size 250.9 MB
Category Music & Audio
Developer Image-Line
Google Play Link
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MOD Features
  • Paid


Immerse yourself in the world of music production using FL STUDIO MOBILE APK, an exceptional app designed for Android users. Created by Image-Line, this robust application brings professional studio capabilities to your mobile device. Whether you're working on music while on the go or relaxing at home, FL STUDIO MOBILE provides all the tools necessary for composing, editing, and refining your music. Featuring a touchscreen-friendly interface, it pushes the limits of music production on mobile devices, establishing a new standard for creative work on the go.


  • Getting Started with FL STUDIO MOBILE involves downloading the app from your preferred apps store and launching it on your Android device. Create a new project to kick off your musical journey.
  • The Graph Editor is a powerful feature for fine-tuning your tracks. Use it to adjust volume, pitch, and pan effects, ensuring each note sits perfectly in the mix.
fl studio mobile mod apk
  • Utilize the Step Sequencer to lay down beats and rhythms with precision. It's ideal for crafting complex drum patterns and loop sequences that form the backbone of your tracks.
  • The Piano Roll is an essential tool in FL STUDIO MOBILE for melody and chord progression creation. Input notes manually or record live to capture the full range of your musical ideas.


  • Advanced Sound Creation: FL STUDIO MOBILE elevates music production on mobile with an array of high-quality synthesizers, drum kits, and sampled instruments, allowing for the crafting of unique sounds and beats.
  • High-Quality Audio Engine: Optimized for mobile devices, the audio engine ensures flawless playback and recording, making it one of the most efficient apps in the realm of mobile music production.
  • Export Formats: Offering versatility, FL STUDIO MOBILE supports multiple export formats including WAV, MP3, and FLAC. This feature ensures your tracks are ready for any platform, from streaming services to professional mastering.
fl studio mobile mod apk 2024
  • Step Sequencer: With an intuitive Step Sequencer, creating complex rhythms and patterns becomes a breeze, making it an essential tool for beatmakers and electronic music producers.
  • Mixer: The integrated mixer in FL STUDIO MOBILE features comprehensive controls for mute, solo, effect bus, pan, and volume adjustments, offering studio-quality sound mixing on your mobile device.
  • Easy Project Sharing: FL STUDIO MOBILE streamlines collaboration by enabling easy project sharing across iOS, Android, and Windows devices, ensuring your projects move with you and your team, regardless of the platform.
  • Touch Controllers: Designed for mobile, the touch controllers including a virtual piano-keyboard and drum pads, provide tactile feedback and precision, enhancing the playability and expressiveness of your music.
fl studio mobile mod apk download
  • Effects: A wide range of built-in effects such as Reverb, Delay, EQ, and Distortion allows for detailed sound shaping and texture adding, bringing your tracks to life.
  • MIDI Control: FL STUDIO MOBILE supports MIDI Control, enabling external devices to play instruments and control features within the app, expanding your creative possibilities.
  • Audio Recording: Capture vocal takes, external instruments, or any audio source directly within the app with the audio recording feature, perfect for adding a personal touch to your tracks.
  • Piano Roll: The Piano Roll editor provides unmatched precision in note and chord placement, making it indispensable for composing melodies, basslines, and harmonies in your productions.


  • Learn Keyboard Shortcuts: Maximizing efficiency in FL STUDIO MOBILE is crucial, and mastering keyboard shortcuts can significantly speed up your workflow. Familiarize yourself with these time-savers to navigate the app like a pro.
  • Experiment with Effects: The depth of FL STUDIO MOBILE lies in its vast array of effects. Don't hesitate to experiment with different combinations to discover unique sounds that can elevate your tracks.
  • Use Automation: Automation is a powerful feature in FL STUDIO MOBILE that allows for dynamic changes in your music. Automate volume, pan, filters, and more to add movement and life to your productions.
fl studio mobile mod apk for android
  • Learn Music Theory: A basic understanding of music theory can greatly enhance your ability to create compelling music in FL STUDIO MOBILE. Chords, scales, and progressions are the foundation of musical composition, so take time to study these concepts.
  • Back Up Your Projects: Regular backups are essential, especially when working on mobile apps like FL STUDIO MOBILE. Ensure your creative efforts are not lost by regularly saving and backing up your projects to a secure location.


  • Walk Band is a versatile music studio app that turns your Android device into a band. It offers a range of virtual instruments including piano, guitar, drum kit, and bass. Customize your sound with guitar solos and drum beats, or record your music with the built-in sequencer. Ideal for musicians seeking a comprehensive and interactive musical experience on their mobile devices.
fl studio mobile mod apk latest version
  • Audio Evolution Mobile Studio stands out as a full-featured digital audio workstation (DAW) for Android users. With support for multi-track recording, MIDI sequencing, and a vast array of virtual instruments and effects, it caters to the needs of both amateur and professional musicians. Its intuitive interface and powerful editing features make it a strong alternative for those looking to expand beyond FL STUDIO MOBILE.
  • Caustic 3 offers a unique approach to music production on Android, with a rack-mount interface allowing users to add synthesizers and effects like a real studio. The app includes a variety of synth types, a sequencer, and a mixer with automation support. Caustic 3 is perfect for electronic music producers and those who enjoy tweaking and building sounds from scratch, offering a different but equally rewarding experience compared to FL STUDIO MOBILE.


Starting a music production adventure with FL STUDIO MOBILE introduces a vast array of opportunities. Whether you are an experienced producer or a beginner, the tools and functions accessible to you make it an essential tool. Its easy download process and wide range of features make it a symbol of artistic expression in today's digital era. For individuals seeking to maximize their musical abilities on Android, FL STUDIO MOBILE MOD APK is not only an application but also a pathway to endless creativity.

Download FL STUDIO MOBILE (250.9 MB)
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