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Download eFootball 2024 Mobile APK (PES 24) latest version and guide your team to victory. You must unleash your strategic, managerial, and football skills to outsmart your opponents.

Information of eFootball™ 2024

Name eFootball™ 2024
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 8.1.0
Size 59.27 Mb
Category Sports
Developer KONAMI
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About eFootball™ 2024

If you are a football fan, you must have encountered eFootball PES by Konami. This extraordinary series captures authentic football experiences and brings them right to your palm! 

efootball 2024 apk

Even better, the series’ world has reached a significant turning point with the transformation of the PES franchise into the groundbreaking eFootball 2024. This evolution guarantees an exceptional soccer experience featuring an extensive roster of teams/players and numerous exciting features that will redefine the beautiful game’s dynamics.

You will enjoy highly authentic football management as you scout for talents and recruit players for your team. Do you have what it takes to build a team from scratch and catapult it to greatness? eFootball 2024 Download APK for Android and test your skills first-hand. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Play eFootball Game

Konami has accurately recreated real-life football to ensure you decipher all the dynamics of world football. The game challenges you to activate your managerial skills, customize your players, and defeat opposing teams. Here’s how you can achieve this:

  1. Build Your Dream Team

The first thing you do when you start playing this game is create a formidable team. The game empowers you to explore various players’ options and settle for the best. 

When developing your ideal team, you must balance skills to achieve a synergistic team. Fortunately, the game offers players from teams in different clubs, including highly ranked European teams (Manchester United (England), FC Barcelona, AC Milan, and FC Bayern Munchen, among others). 

efootball 2024 apk download

Additionally, you will have incredible customization options. This way, you can modify and adorn your team members with unique uniforms/emblems from different teams across the globe, including J. League and South America.

This feature is a testament to the game's commitment to inclusivity & diversity. Whether you aspire to emulate the success of European giants or seek to champion lesser-known leagues, eFootball 2024 allows you to actualize your dream.

  1. Sign Players

If you want to assemble your dream team hassle-free, signing players is inevitable. Fortunately, eFootball 2024 APK Download presents a vast pool of talent, enabling you to tailor-make your team without breaking a sweat. The player signing system is divided into two categories:

  • Special List. This is where you can acquire special players who have made a mark in real-life fixtures, stars from renowned leagues, & legendary icons of the sport. The inclusion of legendary players adds an element of excitement, as you might land an iconic figure to bolster your squad.
  • Standard List. This option enables you to handpick your favorite players. The game even provides sorting and filtering functions to streamline your search, ensuring you can construct a squad tailored to your playing style.
  1. Hire Managers

In eFootball 2024, the role of the manager is indeed pivotal. Each manager brings a set of tactical skills, enabling players to fine-tune their strategies to align with their preferences. This introduces additional depth to the game, allowing for experimentation with various managerial styles to determine what best suits the player's team.

The presence of diverse managers means that players have the flexibility to adapt their gameplay to their preferred style. For example, you can find managers who favor a high-pressing, possession-based approach or those orientated more toward a defensive, counter-attacking strategy.

Additionally, managers play a crucial role in player development. Their coaching affinities can influence how your players grow and develop over time. For example, a manager with a penchant for honing defensive skills could be the key to solidifying your team's backline.

efootball 2024 mobile apk

Moreover, the inclusion of various managerial options adds a strategic dimension to the game. Players must carefully select a manager whose tactics complement their team's strengths and weaknesses. This decision plays a significant role in determining success on the virtual pitch.

In essence, managers in eFootball 2024 are not mere sideline figures but active architects of your team's destiny. They enable players to tailor their soccer experience, making every match a tactical chess match where the manager's decisions can be the difference between victory and defeat.

  1. Playing Matches

Now that you've assembled your dream team, it's time to hit the pitch and showcase your skills. eFootball 2024 offers numerous ways to enjoy the game, catering to solo and multiplayer enthusiasts.

  • Play against AI

eFootball 2024 incorporates real-world soccer events into its gameplay, offering events tailored to various skill levels. It has starter events designed for newcomers and challenges against high-profile league teams ideal for veterans. 

These events encourage players to build dream teams that align with the event themes, adding strategic depth and creativity to the gameplay.

  • User Matches

If you are seeking enthralling competition, eFootball 2024 PES APK offers eFootball League, segmented into divisions. Can you guide your team to the zenith of Division One and claim soccer glory? 

Even better, the game features weekly events. This way, the game is always fresh and exhilarating, offering new challenges and opportunities to showcase your skills.

  • Play 3 vs. 3 Game with Friends

Gaming is often more enjoyable when shared with friends. The Friend Match functionality enables you to square off against determined friends, allowing you to display your team’s prowess. 

efootball 2024 apk obb

Furthermore, you can play cooperative matches of 3 vs. 3 hassle-free. They enable you and your friends to savor thrilling soccer action together.

  1. Player Development

In eFootball 2024, player development is crucial. Depending on the player types you've signed, you can significantly enhance their abilities.

Players can unlock Level Training Programs via event rewards. This will come in handy for developing their gameplay and increasing the thrill. 

efootball 2024 apk for android

As you progress, you can allocate unique Progression Points to various in-game categories, including as Defending, Shooting, or Dribbling, enhancing the player stats seamlessly.

If you do not know the attributes to focus on, the game offers Auto-allocate. This feature automatically distributes Progression Points, catering to the meticulous strategist and the more casual gamer who prefers a hands-off approach.

Other Unique Features of eFootball 2024 Mobile APK

  • Highly Authentic Gaming Experience

eFootball 2024 APK strives to redefine the soccer gaming experience by introducing new features that enhance the overall authenticity. This includes improvements in ball physics, player interactions, and dynamic weather conditions that add depth and realism to every match. 

efootball 2024 apk latest version

What truly sets it apart, however, is its dedication to replicating real-world players with remarkable precision. Icons like Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé are brought to life in appearance and their playing styles. 

Their movements, skills, and decision-making on the virtual pitch closely mirror their real-life counterparts. This creates an unparalleled sense of authenticity that will resonate with avid fans.

  • Realistic Jerseys and Stadiums

eFootball 2024 goes beyond gameplay to capture the essence of soccer through realistic jerseys and stadiums. The level of detail in the jersey designs reflects the identity and heritage of the clubs, enhancing the immersion factor. 

When playing in these meticulously recreated stadiums, you can feel the stadium atmosphere. Whether it is the roar of the crowd or the lighting, every detail contributes to an experience that makes you feel like you're truly part of a live match.

  • Removal of Team's Playstyle Level

In a significant departure from previous editions, eFootball 2024 liberates players from the constraints of a team's playstyle level. This change offers unprecedented strategic freedom, allowing you to play soccer the way you want. 

You can adapt your tactics to your preferred managerial approach, fostering creativity and personalized gameplay. The removal of playstyle levels empowers you to create your unique soccer narrative.

  • Transfer Data from eFootball PES 2023

For loyal eFootball PES 2023 players, the transition to eFootball 2024 is seamless. You can transfer your data effortlessly, ensuring that your progress, acquired players, and accomplishments remain intact. 

This feature not only simplifies the transition but also rewards your commitment to the franchise, making sure your gaming journey continues without interruption.

  • Highly Fluid Movements and Immersive Sounds

eFootball 2024 places a strong emphasis on the fluidity of player movements. Actions on the field, whether it's dribbling, passing, or executing skill moves, feel incredibly lifelike. The fluidity adds to the realism, making each moment on the pitch dynamic and engaging. 

Complementing this is the immersive sound design, which captures the nuances of a live soccer match. This auditory experience enhances the overall sense of being in the heart of the action.

  • Evolving Content and Updates

The commitment to providing evolving content and regular updates is a hallmark of eFootball 2024. This approach ensures the gaming experience remains fresh and engaging over time.

Players can look forward to new features, modes, and events being introduced, keeping them invested and excited about the game's future.

Technical Requirements and Additional Information

eFootball 2024 APK OBB download requires approximately 2.4 GB of free storage space. It's crucial to have sufficient free space to avoid interruptions during the download process.

Additionally, a stable Wi-Fi connection is highly recommended for downloading the base game and its subsequent updates. Besides, an internet connection is mandatory for playing eFootball 2024.


eFootball 2024 APK MOD provides an immersive football experience that challenges players to create, manage, and compete with their dream soccer teams. It features an expansive roster of clubs & national teams, a dynamic player signing system, and diverse gameplay modes, catering to the preferences of every fan.

Additionally, the game's continuously improving to ensure experience freshness whenever they play. Whether you're looking to hone your skills, climb the ranks, or relish playing soccer with friends, eFootball 2024 is ideal. Lace up your virtual boots, step onto the digital pitch, and embark on your journey to soccer greatness in eFootball 2024.


FAQs eFootball™ 2024

What is the eFootball 2024 release date for Android? +
  • The eFootball 2024 release date for Android is September 7, 2023. This coincides with the completion of the current eFootball campaign – Season 0.
What is eFootball 2024 APK? +

eFootball 2024 APK is the Android version of the popular soccer game eFootball 2024, developed by KONAMI. It features licensed teams, players, stadiums, and tournaments. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

How do I install eFootball 2024 APK? +

To install eFootball 2024 APK, you need an Android device that meets the minimum system requirements (Android 7.0+) and enough storage space (at least 1.2GB).

How do I play eFootball 2024 APK? +

To play eFootball 2024 APK, launch the game and choose a mode that suits your preference. You can play against the AI in various events or compete with other players online in eFootball Online. To control your players, you can use the virtual buttons on the screen.

Is eFootball 2024 APK safe? +

Yes, eFootball 2024 APK is developed by KONAMI, a reputable company that has been producing video games for decades. It is available for free on the Google Play Store (a trusted source of apps for Android devices). Therefore, eFootball 2024 APK is safe to download as long as you get it from reputable sources.

Download eFootball™ 2024 (59.27 Mb)
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