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Download the new version of Efiko MOD APK for Android in 2024, and transform your apps into stunning visual stories.

Information of Efiko

Name Efiko
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.6.2
Size 22.0 MB
Category Photography
Developer changpeng
Google Play Link


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About Efiko

Dive into the world of mobile photography with Efiko APK, a versatile app designed to enhance your visual content. Offered by changpeng, this application is a treasure trove for those passionate about capturing and embellishing life's moments. Available on Google Play, Efiko allows Android users to elevate their photography skills using an array of unique filters and effects. It stands out as a creative tool, seamlessly integrating with various apps to provide an enriched mobile experience.

How to Use Efiko APK

  • Download and install Efiko from Google Play or other sources like Uptodown to start transforming your digital content.
  • Open the app and select a photo or video, readying it for a creative overhaul.
efiko mod apk
  • Apply filters and effects using the diverse presets provided by Efiko, tailor-made to enhance your apps' visual appeal.
  • Adjust settings such as colors and intensity to finely tune the aesthetic details of your project.
  • Save your newly crafted masterpiece or share it on social media platforms, showcasing your enhanced photography skills to the world.

Features of Efiko APK

Explore the rich tapestry of features that Efiko brings to your apps, transforming everyday images into pieces of art:

  • 90’s Glows & Glitters: Revive the charm of the 1990s with Efiko's glow and glitter effects. This feature adds a touch of retro flair, perfect for those seeking nostalgia in their photography.
  • VHS & Glitch Effects: Incorporate the classic aesthetics of VHS into your photos and videos, offering them an authentically old-school feel with modern digital disruptions through Impressive Glitch Effects.
  • Miami Filter: Bathe your visuals in the warm, vintage purple hues of the Miami Filter, ideal for creating a distinctive, stylish atmosphere in your digital creations.
efiko mod apk download
  • Lomo Leak-Light Style: The Lomo Leak-Light style infuses your shots with artistic light leaks, suggesting an analog warmth that’s both captivating and moody.
  • Fashionable 90s Effects: Efiko isn't just about recreating the past; it's about bringing it into today with chic, fashionable 90s effects that resonate with contemporary trends.
  • Upcoming Effects: Stay excited for what’s next — Efiko promises the addition of cutting-edge effects like Cyberpunk, Polaroid, Diamond, and more, ensuring your apps remain at the forefront of digital photography innovation.


These features collectively make Efiko a powerhouse tool for anyone serious about elevating their photographic content on Android devices. Whether you’re a professional looking to refine your artistic expression or an enthusiast wanting to spruce up your social media feeds, Efiko delivers with precision and style.

Best Tips for Efiko APK

Maximize your creative output with Efiko by leveraging these expert tips, ensuring you make the most of this dynamic app:

  • Experiment with different effects to find your unique style: With Efiko, the possibilities are vast. Dive into the variety of effects available and play around with them to discover a visual style that truly represents you. This exploration can set your content apart on various apps.
efiko mod apk latest version
  • Use Efiko’s presets as a starting point and fine-tune settings: Start with the built-in presets to quickly enhance your photos or videos. Then, tweak the settings such as brightness, contrast, and saturation to refine the results to your liking.
  • Explore community trends and share your creations online: Stay updated with the latest in digital photography and visual arts by engaging with the Efiko community. Learn from others, adopt new trends, and showcase your work across social platforms to gain feedback and grow your following.


Efiko APK Alternatives

While Efiko excels in transforming your apps with creative photo and video effects, here are three alternatives that also offer unique editing capabilities:

  • VSCO: Known for its sleek interface and professional-grade tools, VSCO is a favorite among photography enthusiasts. The app offers a range of presets that emulate film photography, alongside advanced editing tools for precise control. VSCO's community feature also allows artists to share and discover new work, fostering a vibrant creative ecosystem.
efiko mod apk pro unlocked
  • Snapseed: Developed by Google, Snapseed is a comprehensive editing tool that caters to photographers of all skill levels. Its intuitive interface houses powerful features like selective adjustments, brush tools, and an expansive range of filters. Whether you’re refining a portrait or enhancing a landscape, Snapseed provides granular control over every aspect of your image.
  • PicsArt: Offering a combination of photo editing, collage making, and a built-in social network, PicsArt appeals to those looking for an all-in-one solution. With its array of creative tools, including brushes, layers, and custom stickers, PicsArt encourages users to experiment and create unique, shareable content. It's a versatile choice for anyone looking.


In the changing world of digital photography and applications, Efiko is a standout tool that encourages creativity and self-expression. Whether you are an experienced photographer or just a casual fan, the extensive features of Efiko can greatly improve your visual projects. Take advantage of the chance to enhance your content. Get the Efiko MOD APK today and start an adventure of visual experimentation and innovation, transforming each photo or video into a canvas for your artistic ideas.

Download Efiko (22.0 MB)
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