Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Mod APK 3.96 (Unlimited money/Ammo/Badge)

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Dive into Duterte Fighting Crime 2 MOD APK latest version, an action-filled game for Android. Download now to experience the excitement in 2024.

Information of Duterte Fighting Crime 2

Name Duterte Fighting Crime 2
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.96
Size 64.73 Mb
Category Action
Developer TATAY
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money
  • No ads

About Duterte Fighting Crime 2

In the crowded mobile gaming industry, Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK stands out and excites. This action-adventure game set in the Philippines is clever. The game is hard and engaging as players navigate a zombie-infested metropolis. This Android app from TATAY GAMES has swiftly risen on Google Play, enthralling a large audience with its novel idea and exciting gameplay. The game Duterte Fighting Crime 2 takes you to a realm of strategy, skill, and quick reflexes.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing Duterte Fighting Crime 2

Engaging gameplay makes Duterte Fighting Crime 2 appealing. Engaged players strategize to assist Duterte in combating the criminal underworld. This game flawlessly integrates exhilarating combat with compelling story arcs, keeping players on edge. The game is interesting due to its thrilling combat and deep narrative. It appeals to casual and serious players, making it a flexible pick.

duterte fighting crime 2 mod apk

Players like the game's offline mode. Duterte Fighting Crime 2 lets you play anytime, anywhere in a world where connectivity is difficult. This accessibility is game-changing, especially for mobile people. A major appeal is the game's freeness. Regardless of their gaming budget, it lets a varied set of gamers feel the thrill of helping Duterte combat opponents in a dynamic virtual world.

Features of Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 is a universe with unique elements that set it apart in the mobile gaming industry. Key aspects that make it unique:

  • Action-packed gameplay: Exciting, action-packed gameplay drives Duterte Fighting Crime 2. Players must make rapid judgments and react quickly in a dynamic environment. This feature makes every gaming moment exciting and challenging, providing an adrenaline rush unmatched.
  • Single-player mode: Duterte Fighting Crime 2's single-player mode is perfect for solo players. Players may explore the plot and gameplay at their speed, becoming closer to the game's setting and characters.


duterte fighting crime 2 mod apk download
  • Stylized graphics: Duterte Fighting Crime 2 is visually stunning. The stylish visuals enhance the game's vibe. Players are transported to a fanciful and realistic world by the graphical style, which enhances the game.
  • Offline mode: Since gamers require flexibility, Duterte Fighting Crime 2 has an offline mode. This function ensures that the game is always available and fun for individuals without a reliable internet connection.

These characteristics make Duterte Fighting Crime 2 a remarkable mobile game that creates a memorable and unique experience.

Characters in Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK

In the captivating world of Duterte Fighting Crime 2, various characters add depth and excitement to the game. Each character brings a unique element to the gameplay, enriching the overall experience:

  • Rodrigo Duterte: The game's main character is the protagonist, Rodrigo Duterte. His character is strong and determined. Players navigate the game as Duterte, wielding various weapons and strategies to combat crime and chaos. His presence infuses the game with a sense of purpose and intensity.
duterte fighting crime 2 mod apk unlimited ammo
  • Zombies: These are the primary antagonists in Duterte Fighting Crime 2. The Zombies in the game represent the challenges and obstacles that players must overcome. Each zombie encounter tests the player's skill and tactics, acquiring weapons and badges over time, a critical aspect of gameplay.
  • Weapons and Badges: Weapons and badges in Duterte Fighting Crime 2 are vital to character growth. Players may collect milestones and power-ups to help them beat harder game tasks.

Players come to Duterte Fighting Crime 2 because its characters and components offer a vibrant and engaging experience.

Best Tips for Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK

To excel in Duterte Fighting Crime 2, players must adopt strategies that enhance their gameplay. Here are some essential tips that can help players navigate the game more effectively:


  • Collect weapons: A broad arsenal is crucial in Duterte Fighting Crime 2. With a vast choice of weaponry, you may fight in many ways. The appropriate weapon may make all the difference in close combat or long-range shooting.
  • Earn badges: Duterte Fighting Crime 2 unlocks new levels and skills, not merely marks of success. Tasks and challenges that earn badges should be prioritized for a better game experience.
duterte fighting crime 2 mod apk unlimited badge
  • Teach the zombies a lesson: The zombies in Duterte Fighting Crime 2 are your main antagonists, and each fight is an opportunity to improve. A difficult combat may be won tactically by learning zombie habits and weaknesses. Your weapon collection helps you adapt to various undead.
  • Super Moves: Mastering super moves can offer players an edge. These potent powers might change the outcome during battles with formidable adversaries or big zombie groups.
  • Strategic Shooting: Duterte Fighting Crime 2 requires smart shooting to defeat opponents. Target weak places, conserve ammo, and use the environment. Smart shooting saves resources and gives you an edge in protracted conflicts.

These tips can greatly enhance the gameplay of Duterte Fighting Crime 2, offering players a more fulfilling and successful gaming journey.


Duterte Fighting Crime 2 is unique and interesting. Its mix of action, strategy, and deep storyline makes a game compelling. We welcome anyone who wants to explore this wonderful universe. Join the journey with Duterte Fighting Crime 2 MOD APK. Everything about the game, from its hard gameplay to its deep character relationships, is meant to be memorable. Beyond a game, it's an adventure full of thrill and difficulty.

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