DRAGON VILLAGE Mod APK 15.0 (Unlimited money/Gems/Menu/Coins/Unlocked)

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Download DRAGON VILLAGE MOD APK latest version for Android in 2024. Dive into this simulation game to breed, evolve, and battle dragons in a mythical world.

Information of DRAGON VILLAGE

Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 15.0
Size 105.4 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Tap Pocket
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited Money (Spend even if it's not enough)


The game DRAGON VILLAGE APK is an engaging experience intended for solo players, bringing the magic of dragon legends directly to your phone. This captivating Android game, found on Google Play, welcomes players into a realm where dragons dominate and excitement awaits around every corner.

Developed by Tap Pocket, this game combines the thrill of exploration with the joy of nurturing these extraordinary beings. It urges players to strive for excellence in dragon taming. The user-friendly interface and captivating gameplay elevate it to a leading option in mobile gaming.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing DRAGON VILLAGE

DRAGON VILLAGE captivates its players with regular updates and simple gameplay, providing a dynamic experience that attracts beginners and skilled gamers. The game constantly brings in fresh dragons and quests to maintain the excitement

Its simple mechanics allow players to easily dive into the magical world without feeling overwhelmed. The excitement of progressing and discovering fresh elements motivates the community's curiosity, guaranteeing their continuous return for further exploration.

dragon village mod apk

Furthermore, DRAGON VILLAGE boasts a rich visual appeal and a competitive edge through leaderboard competitions and PvP battles, elevating the gaming experience to new heights. The game's stunning graphics and detailed dragon designs capture the imagination, creating a visually immersive world.

Competitive players thrive on the Leaderboard Competition, striving to rise through the ranks, while PvP Battles offer a direct way to test strategies and dragon teams against others. The Spirit Lodge adds a mystical element to the game, where players can delve into deeper lore and unlock secrets.

This blend of aesthetics and competition creates a compelling reason for players to invest their time and immerse themselves in the community.


  • Different Dragons: DRAGON VILLAGE is distinctive due to its wide variety of dragons, all with special skills and looks. This game element lets players gather and admire a diverse range of incredible creatures, such as fiery beasts and mystical serpents, adding depth and personalization to the game.
dragon village mod apk download
  • Evolution Stages: Dragons in the game progress through various stages, introducing a new dimension to gameplay. Players care for their dragons from hatchlings, watching them grow into majestic creatures, gaining new powers throughout the process.
  • Exploration and Egg Hunting: The excitement of discovery and searching for eggs adds depth to the gameplay experience in DRAGON VILLAGE. Gamers explore settings such as dense forests and volcanic lands in search of concealed dragon eggs, introducing an aspect of unexpectedness and exploration.
  • Elemental Diversity: Different types of dragons, like fire, water, earth, and others, bring a strategic layer to gameplay due to their elemental categorization. This variety of elements requires players to consider their team composition and battle tactics carefully.
  • Leaderboard Competition: For individuals who enjoy competition, DRAGON VILLAGE provides leaderboard challenges that allow players to move up in the ranks by demonstrating their skills in taming and battling dragons, encouraging a sense of competitive community spirit.
  • Ancient Monsters: Interacting with old creatures in games is a tough task, as gamers pit their dragons against strong enemies on different levels, bringing extra thrills and accomplishments to the gaming experience.
  • PvP Battles: Player versus Player (PvP) battles allow for confrontation with other dragon tamers, adding a competitive edge and interactive dimension to gameplay, where strategy and dragon synergy become key to victory.


dragon village mod apk unlocked everything
  • Signature Moves: Each dragon possesses signature moves, adding unique tactical options during battles. These specialized abilities encourage players to develop personalized strategies and deepen their engagement with the gameplay.


  • Dragon City: This game incorporates exciting DVC game variant gameplay, where players breed, take good care of dragons, and use them to fight on floating islands. In Dragon City, players will get a varied choice of dragons that can be bred, mated, and fought with other players in exciting PvP battles. They will also build their very own dragon sanctuary with the feel of comradeship and tactics.
  • Merge Dragons!: Slightly veering off from the usual gameplay of DRAGON VILLAGE, Merge Dragons! introduces a distinctive puzzle aspect. Players merge different objects to restore enchanted land, breed dragons, and discover new species. The game is notable for its unique take on dragon mythology, providing a calm yet immersive gameplay adventure with numerous engaging tasks and missions.
dragon village mod apk unlock all dragon
  • Dragon Mania Legends: This game offers a captivating option for those who love dragons. It emphasizes breeding, training, and battling with them. It takes place in a lively environment teeming with numerous dragons waiting to be gathered. Dragon Mania Legends tasks players with regaining control of their territory by overcoming enemy Vikings. It provides a complete dragon-taming adventure similar to what you find in DRAGON VILLAGE, featuring interactive dragon care, dynamic battles, and a rich storyline.



  • Egg Hunting: Dedicate time to explore different environments in DRAGON VILLAGE regularly. Discovering hidden dragon eggs is essential for expanding your collection and unlocking new dragon types. Each area offers unique eggs, so vary your exploration style to maximize your findings.
  • Evolution Strategy: Carefully plan your dragons' evolution. Each stage of evolution in the game enhances your dragon's abilities and changes its appearance. Strategic planning ensures your dragons reach their maximum potential at the right time.
  • PvP Battles: Participate in PvP battles and measure your strategies with many other players in the gaming community. These combats will improve your strategies and help you rank upward. Change the policy to your opponent's strengths and weaknesses to increase your chances of winning.
dragon village mod apk vip
  • Collectibles: Look for collectibles that can strengthen your dragons. Items like elemental crystals, enhancement charms, and special feed boost your dragon's powers in DRAGON VILLAGE.
  • Community Interaction: Participate actively in the community. Sharing tips, visiting other players' villages, and engaging in community events can provide valuable insights and resources to aid your journey in the game. Plus, fostering community connections makes the game experience more enriching and enjoyable.


Starting an adventure in DRAGON VILLAGE guarantees an exciting experience filled with dragons, fights, and enigmas ready to be discovered. Downloading this game provides the ideal entry point for individuals excited to enter a realm where dragon mythology and tactics come together.

With its thriving community, regular updates, and intricate gameplay mechanics, it serves as a guiding light for both fans and beginners. While you utilize the strength of dragons and progress in levels, remember that becoming the best Dragon Tamer involves difficulties and gratifications. Get ready for an incredible journey in DRAGON VILLAGE MOD APK.

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