Dragon City Mod APK 23.14.0 (Unlimited money and gems)

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Become a Dragon Master and command an entire city of fire-breathing dragons in Dragon City Mod APK 2023 for Android, a free-to-play social game developed by Social Point.

Information of Dragon City

Name Dragon City
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 23.14.0
Size 242.07 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Social Point
Google Play Link
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About Dragon City

Dragon City APK is an exhilarating experience that lets you live the life of an expert Dragon Master. As a Dragon Master, you will have the responsibility of nurturing the growth of a legion of dangerous dragons. You will raise these dragons as your own and breed them to create new species of dragons that are even more powerful. All this will be done to compete in battles where your dragons will be put to the test against other players’ dragons in 1v1 battles. These battles will earn you a rank in the leaderboards proving to the world who the best Dragon Master truly is.

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To even compete in battles in Dragon City APK for Android, you must first ensure that you have a powerful enough dragon to fight in battles. To grow your dragon into a formidable fighting machine, you first have to create the perfect conditions for it to thrive. You can do this in a lot of ways with feeding them being the most essential. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a dragon develop from an egg to a cute baby dragon to a powerful force to be reckoned with.

You won’t be responsible for just one dragon though, there will be multiple dragons to look after, a whole city of them in fact hence the name. There are at least 100 unique dragons in Dragon City APK for Android all with distinguishable features. Try your best to collect them all to extend your collection of dragons and be the ultimate master. Attaining dragons can be done by completing weekly challenges which will allow you to obtain rare dragons.

The battles in Dragon City APK latest version also act as showcases for your dragons where you will get to flex your dragons’ appearances to the rest of the world. The game will give you a set of customization options to help your dragons stand out from the crowd. Having a very flamboyant dragon can also add to your fame in the Dragon City APK leaderboards as other players will associate flashiness with fighting prowess. Make sure you can back it up though, there’s no point in having a flashy dragon it can’t hold its own in a 1v1 matchup.

As a Dragon Master, your duties don’t just end at taking care of dragons, they will also involve you developing the island where your dragons will inhabit. Develop the island by setting up habitats that will best suit the different types of dragons. For dragons fond of water, develop the sea habitats, for dragons fond of deserts, develop the terra habitats, and for dragons fond of heat, develop the flame habitats.

Guide to Being an Elite Dragon Master

  • Dragon City APK for Android starts you out with a few dragons in your city
  • To grow this modest herd, you will need to breed different dragons to create new species of dragon
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  • There are 6 rarities of dragons for you to collect with the types consisting of Heroic, Legendary, Epic, very Rare, Rare, and Common.
  • The game also features about 14 element types; these elements represent moves your dragons can learn.
  • A few of the elements in the game include Wind, Primal, Legend, Pure, Light, Electric, and so on
  • Developing your dragons is fairly easy as you will mainly just need to make sure they are properly fed. This will increase their strength making them more powerful.
  • Once you feel like your dragons are capable enough, you can take them to the arena to face off against other players’ dragons.
  • Winning battles will earn you a bunch of cool rewards and rare items
  • Form Alliances with other Dragon Masters and interact with them through chat. In an alliance, you can take part in Alliance events, trade items, and even exchange ideas and tips.

What Makes Dragon City Mod APK for Android Such a Blast?

  • Hundreds of Dragons to Unlock

It wouldn’t be Dragon City if the game didn’t have enough dragons to fill a city, would it? Dragon City APK 2023 has so many dragons that the total number itself sounds absurd when said out loud. There are at the very least 400 different species of dragon in the game and all of them are distinct from each other in one way or another.

  • Intense Battle Royale

Outside of raising, breeding, and hatching young dragons, you will also be able to take your strongest dragons to the arena to test their fighting capabilities against other players’ dragons in a battle Royale. These battles are turn-based romps with each player getting a chance to unleash devastating attacks on the other player’s dragon. When you win a battle you will be rewarded with gems that you can use to develop your island.

  • Create a Dragon Haven

The island is home to the dragons in Dragon City APK for Android and will be where they feed, train, and grow.

dragon city apk latest version

It is up to you to develop the island into a worthy habitat for the hundreds of dragons in your collection. You will need to take into account the different species of dragon and the different environments that best suit each.

  • Customize your Dragons

Showcase your creativity to the world through your dragon collection. The game features several customization options and skins you can adorn your dragons with to make them look outstanding. You can acquire skins by taking part in events such as Alliance events or by completing challenges. 

How to Keep your Dragons Thriving?

  • Breed different dragons

The game won’t hand all the different species of dragon to you, you will need to put in some work to unlock the really unique dragons. You can accomplish this by breeding different dragons to create super-rare species.

  • Teach your dragons elemental attacks

Before taking your dragons into battle in Dragon City APK latest version, you must first train them to become ferocious machines. Teach your dragons elemental attacks.

  • Transform the island

The island is bare and not very conducive for your dragons to thrive so it’s up to you to develop it by setting up structures that will help the dragons grow.

dragon city apk 2023

Set up habitats for different types of dragons, create farms for food production, and start kindergartens to keep dragon hatchlings.

Dragon City Mod APK Download

Dragon City APK 2023 is an addictive simulation game that gives you the responsibility of taking care of dragons and supporting their growth. The graphics and colors are super vivid and vibrant with the illustrations for dragons being very well done and varied. The battles are also really entertaining and are a blast to take part in.


Dragon City APK for Android is a great game to get lost in as the potential to put in countless hours into it is very high. The bright colors are mesmerizing with the gameplay and the urge to collect all the dragons being remarkably addictive.

Download Dragon City (242.07 Mb)
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