Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK 1.10.5 (Menu/Unlimited money/Gold/Unlocked)

Icon Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK 1.10.5 (Menu/Unlimited money/Gold/Unlocked)
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Dive into the ultimate FPS Zombie game for Android with Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK. Download the latest version of 2024 and join the fight against the undead.

Information of Dead Trigger 2

Name Dead Trigger 2
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.10.5
Size 993.87 Mb
Category Action
Developer Deca_Games
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
  • Menu Mod

About Dead Trigger 2

Dive your head into the adrenaline-pumping world of Dead Trigger 2 APK, among the best Bulletstorm games. One of the sensations for Android offered on Google Play, this game brings out the thrilling excitement of zombies shooting right into the palm of your hand. The game offers this and is provided for free in the Google Play store by Deca Games.

The benchmark of first-person shooters with an addictive blend of strategic actions and survival planning interspersed. Whether you are an experienced veteran of first-person shooters or a newbie, the promise of a true mobile adventure with Dead Trigger 2 will turn your head.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 gets players into the game with the huge promise of action-filled intense situations that each level and each chapter provides in this virtual and mobile immersive gaming experience. A high console-grade standard of visual fidelity brings the post-apocalyptic world to full bloom, rendering an eye-popping level of detail to the environment and full-on realistic animation.

This visual fidelity ensures not only that every battle against the undead is a struggle for survival but also that it is a pleasure for the eye. Adding to this is a captivating story that unfolds in real time to make players feel part of a global effort to defeat the undead menace. Such narrative depth has the game with layers of gameplay, and every mission turns out to be a chapter of this larger, unfolding saga.

dead trigger 2 mod apk

On top of these, Dead Trigger 2 is irresistibly attractive due to its arsenal—players have some outstanding weapons to choose from and thereby adapt their fighting style to their specifications.

With long-range, high-powered rifles and brutal melee weapons from the arsenal, your enjoyment will be less than vast. Smashing through the enemies are the bosses themselves, extra tough to keep players on their toes as they ponder strategy and skill in defeating them.

An intriguing reason to plunge into this game is a lively community of more than 200 million players worldwide. This sense of belonging and collective engagement makes every victory in Dead Trigger 2 feel all the more rewarding.

Features of Dead Trigger 2 APK

  • Personal Hideout: Drown in the madness of Dead Trigger 2 and get to know a brand new personal hideout feature that will let you build up your base. And it's not a lull; all this is for you to replenish your strength and communicate with key characters because some of your missions will occur in the apocalypse.
  • 10 Regions, 33 Battlefields: The gameplay in Dead Trigger 2 is to be distributed across 10 regions worldwide and offers 33 battlefields. Each region is unique in the challenges it presents and the environment in which it struggles.


dead trigger 2 mod apk download
  • 600+ Gameplay Scenarios: Dead Trigger 2 ensures that its gamers will never be bored. Each had been created to try your skills strategy and push your will to survive.
  • 70+ Weapon Types: More than 70 weapons are available, from high-caliber rifles to devastating shotguns. It opens the ground to players so they can adjust their strategy to combat according to how they want to play the game.
  • Melee Weapons: Melee Weapons in Dead Trigger 2 enable intense fighting for close-quarters fighters. Cut through zombies with a chainsaw or bat.
  • Gadgets: Elevate your tactical approach with an array of Gadgets. Set up mines, deploy turrets, or even unleash lethal chickens to gain the upper hand against the undead.
dead trigger 2 mod apk obb
  • Real-Time Story Development: Dead Trigger 2 provides an awesome feature of Real-Time Story Development. Here, a player's decision makes the difference over the web. In other words, it is a dynamic way of storytelling.
  • Console-Quality Graphics: Dead Trigger 2 has Console-Quality graphics designed for this thrilling version, sure to impress. Real-time effects like reflections and bushes offer better-than-ever graphic portrayal capabilities.

Characters in Dead Trigger 2 APK 

  • Gunsmith: The armorer remains at the core of Dead Trigger 2, inalienable from any shooter game. It is his quality and skill that helps a player upgrade and individually customize his arsenal so that one has the deadliest arsenal to face off the zombie at all times.
  • Scientist: The man in Dead Trigger 2 is the brain devising new technologies and remedies to counter growing zombie threats. His advice for additional steps to be made in the game is priceless.
dead trigger 2 mod menu
  • Smuggler: The 14th highlight is a guide who can safely lead through the world full of commotion in Dead Trigger 2. He provides access to rare and powerful equipment and can make special deliveries for those interested in survival.
  • Medic: In a world where every fraction of a second is crucial in battle against inexhaustible hordes of zombies, their ability to heal and support becomes beacons of hope amid the prevailing darkness. Her abilities are useful to help one revive and throw themselves anew into melee, full of energy.
  • Engineer: The Engineer is the true master of defense and gadgetry. He will reinforce and barricade the hideouts and develop high-tech gadgets to tilt the balance during the battle against the undead.


Best Tips for Dead Trigger 2 APK

  • Aim for Headshots: In this stylized world of Dead Trigger 2, the art of headshots is enacted much. This saves bullets and ensures that zombies are taken down more efficiently, leading the game.
  • Upgrade Weapons: Investing in weapon upgrades is crucial to survive the undead onslaught. Enhanced firearms and melee weapons provide the necessary edge in combat, making each encounter in Dead Trigger 2 less daunting.
dead trigger 2 mod apk android
  • Manage Health: Your vitality is your lifeline in Dead Trigger 2. Keeping a close eye on health levels and utilizing medical kits wisely can mean the difference between survival and starting over. This strategic management of resources adds depth to the game experience.
  • Complete Side Quests: Besides the game's main line, Dead Trigger 2 contains various side quests that carry rewards and open new experiences. To complete all the tasks given, don't just buy a new weapon: you will also enrich the game's plot and replenish your resources before the next battle.
  • Participate in Tournaments: By entering the game, you can participate in various tournaments offered by Dead Trigger 2. Winning these tournaments will attract magnificent rewards within the game, with which you shall become a hardcore, and the zeal for winning cannot be easily conquered.


Dead Trigger 2 is more than just a game; it's immersing yourself in a relentless and dynamic environment where every shot and survival decision matters. With this upgrade downloaded, all players can enjoy this enlivened gameplay enriched with many new features and tweaks to experience the hordes in new, bloodthirsty ways. Be a part of this journey that travels through apocalyptic terrains, makes alliances with important people, and uses tactical playing to triumph. The ride through the Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK passage is one where every moment from there on is action, strategy, and the relentless force to survive.

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