Criminal Case Mod APK 2.41 (Unlimited money/Energy/Stars)

Icon Criminal Case Mod APK 2.41 (Unlimited money/Energy/Stars)
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Download Criminal Case MOD APK latest version for Android and embark on an unforgettable adventure. Unravel mysteries in this captivating game.

Information of Criminal Case

Name Criminal Case
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.41
Size 77.7 MB
Category Adventure
Developer Pretty Simple
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
  • Infinite energy, suggestion

About Criminal Case

Criminal Case APK is considered one of the top games for hidden object challenges available for mobile devices via Google Play. The game allows the user to be a detective in a thrilling puzzle adventure. Developed by Pretty Simple, Criminal Case gives your Android device a virtual platform with suspense and mystery. Gamers are to solve gruesome crimes, piecing together what happened and collecting the necessary clues to serve justice. The page-turning odyssey is conducted through the shadowy realms of crime-solving - where each piece of the puzzle contributes to the revelation of truth.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing Criminal Case

The gripping storyline and the scenes of life-like crime in Criminal Case draw the player into its world and give an interactive gaming experience like never before. All the cases in the story were surprisingly nice and kept the thrill at its peak. The intricately crafted crime scenes push players to adopt a detective-like mentality while they search for clues.

This takes the level of detail the game brings up to something that can only help elevate the experience, puts authenticity to your investigation, and makes every piece of evidence necessary to solve your case and bring the guilty to justice.

criminal case mod apk

Besides, Criminal Case is noteworthy due to the logic-built gameplay, with many potential suspects and points for interaction with other persons. They must logically deduce the links between clues, gather evidence, and interrogate suspects who challenge a learner's problem-solving and logical skills.

Different personae and suspects are included in the game, which makes it complex and mysterious, therefore continually hooking and engaging the players. Moreover, the game can promote social interaction, allowing gamers to team up with their friends they can rely on to develop a collective feeling of detective experience towards mutual accomplishments. This exclusivity in its recipe of elements ensures that Criminal Case remains an adventure still favored by dedicated fans of this gameplay.

Features of Criminal Case APK

Criminal Case unfolds a compelling array of features that enrich the gameplay experience, making each moment of the detective journey uniquely engaging:

  • Investigate Crime Scenes: Dive in the middle of the investigation and search for various and detailed environments. This unique feature makes Criminal Case a key game in providing players with the real feeling of being detectives—investigating crime scenes for vital clues. Each scene is a puzzle waiting to be solved, offering a deep, immersive investigative experience.
  • Play with Friends: Add more fun to your detective deeds by joining forces with friends. This social element of Criminal Case promotes cooperation to merge skills and solve cases much more quickly. So, in line with that, adding an extra layer of fun and enjoyment combined with competition, as friends could always check on each other's scores and progress.
  • Examine Clues and Analyze Samples: It will challenge the players in their critical thinking to analyze the samples at a lab and look for clues. It evaluates your attention to detail and logical thinking, drawing conclusions and inching one step closer to the mystery's solution.


criminal case mod apk download
  • Interrogate Witnesses and Suspects: Discover key psychological clues by interrogating suspects and people related to the case. Participate in questioning the key witnesses and suspects in the criminal case by piecing up their testimonies to find the truth. This interactive process adds depth to the gameplay, making every conversation a step towards justice.
  • Bring the Killer to Justice: The final goal that can be aimed in Criminal Case is solving the mystery and finding the criminal so that justice can be served. This rewarding finale to sound research brings not only a surge of case-solving excitement but also a nice feeling of self-fulfillment for having brought peace back to the town.

These aspects offer a complex, dynamic gaming experience that immerses players in Criminal Case's universe, making it a detective adventure.

Characters in Criminal Case APK

In Criminal Case, the game's narrative depth is significantly enriched by its diverse cast of characters, each bringing their unique background and skills to the investigative team:

  • Jack: A seasoned detective and one of the player's primary partners in solving crimes. Jack's sharp intuition and extensive field experience make him an invaluable asset. His dedication to justice drives the team forward, embodying the spirit of determination that Criminal Case champions.
  • Carmen Martinez: Carmen Martinez is known for her natural empathy with people and her linguistic abilities, which add to the team's cultural insight and emotional intelligence. With that unique ability to put a strong connection with the witnesses and suspects alike, Martinez puts a softer touch on the often gritty reality of detective work, underlining again the efforts of the game toward more nuanced storytelling.
criminal case mod apk unlimited stars and energy
  • Michelle Zuria: A genius in forensics with no match in analytical ability, Michelle focuses on clue examination and analysis of samples, hence key to the reconstruction of evidence in this game. Her role spotlights the passion of this game, the element of gameplay logic, and the critical step in crime-solving through scientific means.


These characters add to the story, allowing the players to be part of the game from the field to the lab. With interactions from Jack, Carmen, and Michelle, every moment offline will bring them closer to discovering the answers behind the mysteries.

Best Tips for Criminal Case APK

Mastering Criminal Case requires more than keen observation skills; it demands strategic gameplay. Here are the best tips to excel in this stylized, realistic detective game:

  • Energy Management: Given the game's energy system, managing this resource wisely is crucial. Prioritize using energy for investigating new crime scenes and analyzing important clues. This ensures steady progress without unnecessary delays.
criminal case mod apk unlimited money
  • Focus on Clues: In the world of Criminal Case, every detail matters. Pay close attention to each scene and focus on clues that may seem insignificant. These often hold the key to unlocking complex puzzles and leading you closer to the culprit.
  • Collaborate with Friends: Leveraging the game's social aspect can significantly enhance your detective capabilities. Collaborate with friends to share insights and resources. This teamwork not only accelerates case resolutions but also enriches the gameplay experience.
  • Check Daily Rewards: Logging in daily to Criminal Case rewards players with essential bonuses that can be used throughout their investigations. These daily rewards can include energy boosts, coins, and other helpful resources to aid in your detective work.
criminal case mod apk unlimited everything
  • Watch Ads for Energy: When running low on energy, consider watching ads to replenish it. This feature allows players to continue their investigations without waiting, ensuring the momentum of solving cases is maintained.

Using these tactics, you'll get through Criminal Case's problems faster and make every investigative minute count.


Start a cool adventure in the world of Criminal Case, sense the thrill of every crime scene investigation, and lay your hands on mysteries for the first time. This is a challenge for all wannabe detectives. Download the app and enter a world where every clue and question leads to the ecstasy of adventure. In your smartness and great skills of deduction and attention, leave no stone unturned to unfold truly absorbing stories in Criminal Case MOD APK. Start your exploration right now and unravel the secrets hidden under every investigation.

Download Criminal Case (77.7 MB)
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