CarX Street Mod APK 1.3.0 (Unlimited money/Gold)

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Download CarX Street MOD APK latest version for Android in 2024. Experience unparalleled racing excitement and game enhancements on your mobile device.

Information of CarX Street

Name CarX Street
Compatible with Android 9+
Last version 1.3.0
Size 1.18 Gb
Category Racing
Developer CarX Technologies, LLC
Google Play Link
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About CarX Street

CarX Street APK takes automobile racing game fans on a fantastic mobile excursion. This Google Play jewel lets gamers race like never before. CarX Technologies, LLC's racing game is a showcase for the progress of digital racing. Players can expect a unique blend of speed, strategy, and flair for Android users when they rev their motors and enter this thrilling universe.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing CarX Street

Players are drawn to CarX Street by its many features, including drift racing. Modern visuals immerse players in a gorgeous world, elevating this racing game. Roads and landscapes come to life, making high-speed chases believable. Tuning automobiles lets racers customize them to their tastes.

carx street apk

Along with its visual appeal, CarX Street's realistic physics and controls make driving automobiles on different courses seem real. The sophisticated car-building system lets competitors customize their cars for maximum performance.

Day/night transition enhances the racing experience by creating different circumstances and obstacles. Finally, the multiplayer feature lets users compete against others, creating a lively and interesting community.

Features of CarX Street APK

  • Realistic races on highways and city streets: CarX Street's highway and urban races are thrilling. These courses simulate high-speed racing in busy cities and on long roads.
  • Improved car tuning: This tool lets players explore vehicle mechanics. CarX Street takes automobile tuning to the core of automotive personalization. Players may maximize performance and dominate the racing circuit by adjusting and upgrading engine components.
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  • Visual car tuning: Beyond performance, the aesthetic appeal is paramount in CarX Street. Visual car tuning lets players personalize their vehicles, turning them into eye-catching machines. Every aspect can be tailored, from sleek paint jobs to custom rims, reflecting the player's style.
  • Career mode: Embark on a journey in CarX Street, where the career mode is not just a series of races but a narrative-driven adventure. Players rise through the ranks, join clubs, and conquer challenges in Sunset City, progressing from novice racers to legends of the track.
  • Top-speed drift races: The thrill of drifting is at the heart of CarX Street. These top-speed drift races test skill and precision, offering a challenging yet exhilarating aspect of gameplay that sets it apart from traditional racing games.
carx street apk for android
  • Open world exploration: The open world of CarX Street is a realm of discovery. Players can explore the expansive map of Sunset City, uncovering hidden routes and challenges and experiencing the dynamic environment that changes from daytime bustle to nighttime tranquility.
  • Advanced physics: The physics in CarX Street are meticulously crafted, providing a realistic driving experience. Every turn, drift, and acceleration feels authentic, enhancing the immersion and challenge of the game.

CarX Street APK Alternatives

  • Asphalt 9: Legends: Asphalt 9: Legends offers styled realistic graphics and thrilling racing as an alternative to CarX Street. This game has high-end supercars and exotic locales and is known for its cinematics and hyper-realistic automobile models. It's a paradise for speed freaks who want beauty and speed.
carx street apk new version
  • Real Racing 3: Real Racing 3 is a great CarX Street alternative with more realistic racing. This game is known for its realistic graphics, wide library of licensed tunes, and over 200 detailed automobiles in the garage. Real Racing 3's mechanics and visuals are great for simulation racing.
  • Need for Speed No Limits: Need for Speed No Limits is a vivid CarX Street alternative that captures underground street racing. This action-packed racing game lets players alter and race automobiles in urban settings. High-speed chases and modifications make it ideal for thrill junkies.

Best Tips for CarX Street APK

  • Upgrade your car: In CarX Street, enhancing your vehicle is crucial. Focus on upgrading various components to ensure your car is equipped to hit top speed and perform at its best. This game is about the right balance between power and handling, so strategically upgrading is key to progressing to the next level.
  • Customize your car: Personalization is a core aspect of CarX Street. Take the time to customize your car, making it a reflection of your style and optimized for different race types. Each modification can significantly impact your car's performance and appearance.
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  • Join a club: Joining a CarX Street club allows both cooperation and competitiveness. Join a club to meet other gamers, swap advice, and attend special events. It improves your game experience and advancement.
  • Complete daily tasks: Consistency is key in CarX Street. Make sure to complete daily tasks, as they're an excellent source of rewards and experience. These tasks help you steadily improve your skills and resources within the game.
  • Participate in events: Regularly participate to challenge yourself and earn unique rewards. These events often feature special conditions and offer a fresh twist to the standard gameplay, keeping the experience exciting and rewarding.
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  • Use nitro: Mastering nitro can give you a significant edge in races. Learn when to deploy it for maximum effect, whether to hit top speed on a straightaway or overtake competitors in critical moments of the race.
  • Drift: Excelling in drift challenges not only earns you points but also helps in mastering car control, a vital skill in CarX Street. Effective drifting can significantly improve your performance in races and is essential for success in higher game levels.


CarX Street represents the best mobile racing games. Any racing fan needs it for its high-octane adrenaline, comprehensive customization, and strategic gameplay. For those willing to try this exhilarating experience, downloading this game opens the door to endless racing fun. CarX Street MOD APK, a game marking the advancement of mobile racing simulators, promises gamers a thrilling and immersive experience worldwide.

Download CarX Street (1.18 Gb)
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