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Put the pedal to the metal in CarX Street Mod APK 2023, an exciting fast-paced street racing game set in a beautiful open world with an active underground racing scene.

Information of CarX Street

Name CarX Street
Compatible with Android 9+
Last version 1.1.1
Size 1.13 Gb
Category Racing
Developer CarX Technologies, LLC
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About CarX Street

Developed by CarX Technologies, CarX Street APK for Android is a game that sought to bring the high-octane stakes and thrills of illegal street racing to mobile handsets. The genre of racing games has found massive success with wildly popular games such as Need for Speed for consoles and PC elevating the genre and drawing countless fans to these types of games. CarX Technologies takes cues from the NFS series of games while also adding some unique features that differentiate it from its competitors.

carx street apk

Car X Street APK has established itself as a premium racer for android through its console-quality graphics and perfect optimization. The game looks amazing with car details, lighting effects, and reflections as you cruise through the city being super evident and outstanding. The cars in the game are based on real-life cars which makes it fun to identify the small details the developers managed to get right. This helps gain a newfound respect for the efforts the team put into the game.

Beyond the cars, the environments in CarX Street APK for Android are absolutely stunning. The beautiful game world is home to gorgeous vistas, sandy shores, busy city streets, and sprawling countrysides, the best part is the game allows you to freely explore the world as much as you want in between races. A really underrated feature of racing games these days is the availability of a dynamic open world for exploration. Open worlds let players do as they please with no limitations which is a cool way of letting players use their imagination to create their own fun.

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CarX Street APK has received a lot of praise for its graphics but another feature of the game that greatly enhances the game but doesn’t receive as much praise is the car physics and handling. CarX Technologies are experts at their craft and it shows in just how good the cars in the game handle. Different cars have very distinct handling and physics with the game striking a perfect balance between exciting arcade racing and precise simulation-style driving.

Don’t worry though, the fun doesn’t just end with the open world in CarX Street APK 2023, the real fun is found in the races and challenges. Competing in the numerous races in the game is the easiest way to rise the ranks and prove yourself as a world-class racer. Winning races is essential as they will earn you rewards such as money and parts which you can use to upgrade the cars in your garage. Upgrading your cars will keep you on par with other racers and ensure you are at your best at all times.


Your Journey to being an Elite Racer in CarX Street Mod APK OBB

  • Getting around the game and completing challenges in CarX Street APK is assisted with an in-game roadmap
  • The roadmap identifies important spots in the game making it easier to know your objectives
carx street apk latest version
  • CarX Street APK developers are known for amazing drift games and have added drift features from their other games letting you compete in races the way you want
  • The game accommodates both Arcade racers and Drift racers making sure there’s something for everyone
  • During races, you can use nitrous to boost your car and increase your speed in short bursts by burning NOS. 
  • The game will also require you to purchase real estate. Purchasing real estate will allow you to increase garage space to accommodate all your cars
  • Rise the ranks in CarX Street APK OBB and join a club. A club is a racing group with young hungry racers each with ambitions of being the best driver in Sunset City
  • Win races to be allowed to participate in Elite races with Elite races opening up the opportunity to win legendary parts and rewards.

Outstanding Features in CarX Street Mod APK 2023

  • Console Quality Visuals

CarX Street APK is a very beautiful game to look at. It is incredible to witness how far mobile devices have come in terms of what they are capable of with CarX Street APK new version setting a standard in the mobile racing market.

carx street apk for android

The game manages to push the graphics engine to its limit by squeezing out every ounce of performance from devices while maintaining buttery smooth framerates.

  • Easy Simple Controls

The game’s controls are really simple and only add to the enjoyment of the experience by not being overly complex. There are setting to tweak the controls to best suit your style with actions such as braking and boosting being easily executed with button prompts.


  • Outstanding Physics and Handling

Driving in CarX Street Mobile APK latest version is meant to be a fun experience which is why you will immediately notice that the driving is a bit flexible in handling. Unlike very precise simulations, CarX Street APK for Android has taken cues from both arcade and simulation racing games and combined both to create a one-of-a-kind driving experience.

  • Open-World Driving

It’s not easy to find an open-world racing game for Android as the limitations of devices don’t make it a viable option.

carx street apk new version

Despite all odds though, the developers of CarX Street APK 2023 managed to beat this hurdle and create a massive open world with stunning regions and countless miles of road.

  • Globe-Trotting Campaign

The main campaign of the game is incredibly immersive and will take you on a fast-paced ride through different countries on your way to dominating the underground racing scene. You will start your career as a professional driver in the lower ranks and as you increase your notoriety you will earn respect and begin taking on the baddest racers on the planet.

  • A Variety of Cars to Choose From

There’ll never be a shortage of cars in the game with about 40+ cars of different types ranging from pickups and sports Cars to hypercars and concepts. Pick your cars based on race types and terrain as some cars will be better suited for certain races and environments than others. You can also freely customize your cars’ mechanics and aesthetics with hundreds of parts and styles in the store.

CarX Street Mod APK Download

CarX Street Android APK OBB is an action-packed racing game with some of the most remarkable graphics in Android gaming right now.

carx street apk 2023

The game encompasses every aspect of a perfect racer with detailed cars, a sprawling open world, high stakes high reward racing, and tight handling for cars.


Fans of action racers will fall in love with CarX Street APK for Android and will never view mobile racing games the same way after getting a hold of this release. The game has set the standard so high for racing games that it’s hard to imagine how other games will be able to top this masterpiece.

Download CarX Street (1.13 Gb)
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