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Information of Brainly

Name Brainly
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Last version 5.194.0
Size 80.44 Mb
Category Education
Developer Brainly
Google Play Link
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MOD Features
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About Brainly

Brainly APK is the quintessential app for student collaboration and homework solutions. Tailored for the mobile-centric learner, this platform transforms your Android device into a hub of knowledge and support. With its launch on Google Play, educational assistance is at your fingertips, seamlessly blending technology and academia. Whether grappling with complex algebraic expressions or seeking historical insights, Brainly is your academic.

How to Use Brainly APK 

  • Download Brainly to your Android device and install it swiftly.
  • Open the app and register for an account to join the Brainly community.
  • To solve a math problem, use the Brainly app's scanner feature to decipher printed or handwritten questions.
brainly mod apk
  • Engage with peers by asking the community for insights on challenging homework queries.
  • Utilize the app to connect with a tutor, ensuring personalized guidance for complex study hurdles.
  • Once you have downloaded the Brainly app for Android, explore its extensive library of resources to bolster your learning journey.

Innovative Features of Brainly APK 

  • 24/7 school homework app access: The Brainly app breaks the boundaries of time and space, allowing students to seek educational support anytime, underlining its commitment to uninterrupted learning.
brainly mod apk download
  • Quick math problem solver: With speed at its core, Brainly swiftly delivers solutions to mathematical problems, ensuring that numerical roadblocks do not stall learners.
  • Expert-vetted answers: The platform’s backbone is its credibility, ensured by expert-vetted answers that uphold the integrity and accuracy of the information provided.
  • Ask by pic with math camera scanner feature: Innovation is at your fingertips with the Brainly app’s camera scanner, allowing students to easily capture and upload their math problems and streamline the problem-solving process.
  • Solve Math Problems by using Brainly Scan to Solve: This feature is a testament to Brainly's commitment to educational innovation, guiding students through complex equations and mathematical models systematically.
  • Find Math answers specific solutions created by our experts for your textbooks: Tailored solutions reflect Brainly’s personalized approach, connecting learners with expert-generated answers that resonate with the curriculum found in their textbooks.
brainly mod apk premium
  • Real-time help from pro math tutors with Brainly Tutor (Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology): The Brainly app transcends conventional learning methods by facilitating real-time interactions with professional tutors across various subjects.
  • Math Answer Scanner To Solve Math Problems: Brainly leverages technology to simplify academic challenges, turning your device into a powerful tool that decodes and dissects mathematical queries through a comprehensive scanner function.

Best Tips for Maximizing Brainly APK 

  • Utilize the scanner & word problem solver to expedite your problem-solving journey. This potent feature deciphers even the most intricate equations, providing a seamless study session.
  • Don't hesitate to ask the community for help. This collaborative feature of Brainly is the epitome of collective intelligence, where queries find their answers in the wisdom of crowds.
brainly mod apk unlimited points
  • Whenever you encounter a particularly stubborn problem, chat with a tutor. This direct line to expertise provides clarity and direction, often enlightening the path to understanding.
  • Make the most of Brainly Tutor. This premium service matches you with subject matter experts, ensuring no academic query remains unresolved and learning continues unimpeded.
  • Embrace the gamification of learning and strive to earn cool badges. These symbols of achievement do more than just decorate your profile; they chart your journey and celebrate your intellectual conquests.
  • Turn learning into a fun challenge with Brainly. Engage with the app’s competitive elements, tackle quizzes, and participate in community challenges that make each learning session as enjoyable as it is educational.

Brainly APK Alternatives

  • Photomath: Photomath stands out as a sterling alternative to Brainly for those seeking a dependable math assistant. This app transforms your device into a math-deciphering tool capable of interpreting handwritten and printed problems with a simple camera scan. Its intuitive interface and step-by-step explanations demystify complex calculations, positioning Photomath as a digital tutor par excellence.
brainly mod apk latest version
  • Socratic: Socratic emerges as another commendable counterpart, extending its expertise beyond math. This app acts as a scholarly companion, offering support in various subjects, each answer a testament to its AI-driven insight. With Socratic, students embark on a quest for knowledge, equipped with a tool that’s as versatile as it is user-friendly, embodying the essence of a multi-disciplined educational platform.
  • Chegg Study: Chegg Study enters the fray as a formidable alternative to Brainly, providing an extensive repository of textbook solutions and expert Q&A. This app is a haven for students navigating the labyrinth of academia, offering navigational aids in the form of tailored assistance for homework and study queries. Chegg Study is synonymous with a personalized academic library, always within reach.


Brainly MOD APK stands as a cornerstone for collaborative learning and academic assistance. As students venture to download this app, they tap into a global community eager to dispel the fog of academic challenges. This app is not merely a tool but a companion for the intellectually curious, a digital mentor for the modern scholar.

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