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Dive into the new version of Bounce Tales APK for Android. Download now to embark on a colorful adventure game that promises fun and challenges in 2024.

Information of Bounce Tales

Name Bounce Tales
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.5
Size 55.7 MB
Category Adventure
Developer ADLEMX
Google Play Link
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About Bounce Tales

Dive into the vibrant world of Bounce Tales APK, a captivating mobile game that redefines adventure on Android devices. Offered by ADLEMX and available on Google Play, this game invites players to navigate through a whimsical universe brimming with challenges and excitement. Bounce Tales transforms traditional gameplay into a refreshing experience, perfect for enthusiasts seeking adventure and fun on their mobile devices. Embrace this unique game and join the legion of fans engaging with its colorful and dynamic world.

What is New in Bounce Tales APK?

The latest update to Bounce Tales brings a host of exciting enhancements that elevate the game experience for players. With a focus on addictive gameplay, improved graphics, and embracing nostalgia, the new version ensures that both new and returning players find something to love. Here’s what’s new:

  • Enhanced Graphics: Experience Bounce Tales like never before with significantly improved graphics that bring the colorful world and characters to life.
  • New Levels: Dive into new and challenging levels that add depth to the game and test your skills.
  • Advanced Character Animations: Bounce, the beloved red ball, now moves with more fluidity and expressiveness, enhancing player connection to the game.
  • Optimized Performance: Enjoy smoother gameplay with enhanced frame rates and fewer bugs, ensuring a seamless adventure.
bounce tales apk
  • Updated Soundtrack: The soundtrack has been revamped to enhance the sense of nostalgia while providing a fresh auditory experience.
  • Additional Power-Ups: Discover new power-ups that can change the course of gameplay, adding layers of strategy and excitement.
  • Revamped User Interface: Navigate the game more easily with a user-friendly interface that improves accessibility and aesthetics.
  • Increased Compatibility: Bounce Tales is now compatible with a wider range of Android devices, ensuring more players can enjoy the game.
  • Community Features: Engage with a community of fans through new social features that allow for sharing achievements and tips.

These updates have contributed to the high ratings the game enjoys, reinforcing its status as a beloved adventure on mobile.

Features of Bounce Tales APK

Engaging Gameplay Mechanics

Bounce Tales offers a plethora of engaging gameplay mechanics that keep players thoroughly entertained. At the core of the game is the ability to roll, jump, and bounce through a variety of dynamic environments, making every level a new challenge. Here are the key gameplay features:

  • Roll, Jump, and Bounce: Master the art of movement to navigate through intricate obstacles and platforms.
bounce tales apk download
  • Challenging Levels: Each level is designed with increasing difficulty to test your skills and strategic thinking.
  • Dynamic Environments: Adapt to changing surroundings that influence gameplay, from underwater physics to gravity shifts.

Rich Game Elements

The game further captivates with its rich elements that enhance the playing experience. From collectibles to time-based gameplay, Bounce Tales is designed to engage and challenge. Below are the detailed features:

  • Collectibles: Gather coins and power-ups that help in overcoming challenges and unlocking new game features.
bounce tales apk for android
  • Time-Based Gameplay: Keep an eye on the clock as you navigate through levels, adding an extra layer of excitement and urgency.
  • Interactive Elements: Engage with various objects in the environment that can either help or hinder your progress depending on how you use them.

These features collectively ensure that Bounce Tales remains not just a game but a compelling adventure that keeps players coming back for more.

Best Tips for Bounce Tales APK

To excel in Bounce Tales, players must adopt strategies that leverage the unique mechanics of the game. Whether you are new to the adventure or seeking to improve your skills, here are essential tips to guide you:

  • Master the Controls: Become proficient with the controls to ensure that Bounce moves exactly as intended. Precise control is crucial for navigating through tight spots and avoiding mishaps.
  • Collect All Eggs: Every level has hidden eggs scattered throughout. Make it a point to collect all to maximize your score and unlock special rewards.
  • Watch Out for Hazards: The game is filled with various hazards such as spikes, moving platforms, and enemies. Always stay alert and be ready to react quickly to avoid them.
  • Explore Hidden Areas: Many levels contain secret areas that are not immediately visible. Explore beyond the obvious paths to discover extra coins, eggs, and sometimes power-ups.
bounce tales apk latest version
  • Time Management: Since much of the gameplay is time-based, practice efficient routes through levels to improve your times and earn higher scores.
  • Utilize Power-Ups Wisely: Power-ups can significantly affect gameplay. Use them strategically to overcome difficult sections or maximize your collecting potential.
  • Practice Levels Repeatedly: Familiarity breeds success in Bounce Tales. Replay levels to master the layout and improve your strategy, especially in higher difficulty levels.
  • Stay Updated with Game Updates: Keep your app updated to take advantage of any new features, levels, or fixes that enhance gameplay.

Implementing these tips will not only enhance your game experience but also increase your chances of success in the adventurous world of Bounce Tales.


Bounce Tales is more than just a game; it's a vibrant and engaging journey through a world filled with challenges and delights. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer, the features and updates in this version promise a rewarding experience. If you're looking for an adventure that combines skill, strategy, and nostalgia, then download Bounce Tales APK today. Discover the joy and excitement that awaits in this beautifully crafted game, perfect for players of all ages on Android.

Download Bounce Tales (55.7 MB)
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