Bloody Bastards Mod APK 4.1.3 (Unlimited money/All unlocked)

Icon Bloody Bastards Mod APK 4.1.3 (Unlimited money/All unlocked)
★★★★★ ★★★★★

Experience unmatched gameplay with the Bloody Bastards MOD APK. Download now and immerse yourself in the latest version of this thrilling game for 2024.

Information of Bloody Bastards

Name Bloody Bastards
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 4.1.3
Size 103.62 Mb
Category Action
Developer Tibith
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
  • All unlocked
  • Unlimited money (Increase after using)
  • Disable the game security ( You'll be banned if you don't use this feature)
  • Freeze enemy's attack

Note: Never enter the multiplayer mode. The game will be broken and you will need to delete and install it again.

About Bloody Bastards

Bloody Bastards APK offers not just another fleeting phenomenon that invites players to dive deep into a world where every move counts, every strategy is essential, and every battle is epic. Its latest version has undoubtedly upped the ante, delivering an experience unparalleled in the mobile arena. The very soul of this game beckons players to play, immerse, and conquer. And if that's not tantalizing enough, its multiplayer game feature ensures that camaraderie and competition coexist, pushing you to the pinnacle of your gaming prowess.

What is New in Bloody Bastards APK?

The world of game mobile experiences continually evolves, always seeking to captivate players with fresher, more engaging content:

  • Medieval Mastery: Dive deeper into a world steeped in medieval lore, where every corner whispers tales of knights, dungeons, and dragons.
  • Refined Controls: The essence of a game is its control dynamics. This version introduces intuitive, streamlined controls, ensuring every move feels natural and fluid.
bloody bastards mod apk
  • New Arenas: Battle it out in brand new arenas, each designed to challenge your strategy and combat skills to the utmost.
  • Enhanced Graphics: Every texture of every animation has been reworked, making the world of Bloody Bastards more immersive than ever before.
  • Additional Characters: Meet new faces, each with unique skills and backgrounds, ready to join your quest and change the course of battles.

The enhancements promise not only to meet but exceed gamers' expectations. It's not just about playing; it's about living and breathing every moment in the game.

How to Play Bloody Bastards APK

Engaging in Combat:

The essence of Bloody Bastards lies in its fierce, tactics-based fights. As you enter the chaos, every choice you make can determine whether you win or lose:

  • Use Your Arsenal: Don't just rely on a single weapon. From a razor-sharp sword that can slice through an enemy in a blink to sturdy axes that can crush any defense, your weaponry is diverse and deadly. And for those who like to strike from a distance, maces and hammers offer the perfect blend of reach and damage.


bloody bastards mod apk download
  • Defense is Key: It's not all about the offense. A well-timed shield block can turn the tide of battle, giving you a crucial opening to strike back.
  • Know Your Surroundings: The arena of champions isn’t just a battleground; it’s an ally. Use its nooks and crannies to your advantage, setting up ambushes or evading powerful blows.

Progressing Through the Game: 

With each level, Bloody Bastards unravels more of its rich narrative and challenges. But to truly conquer this game, one needs more than just combat prowess:

  • See and Adapt: Every level introduces new challenges. Pay attention to enemy patterns, adjust your strategy, and always prepare for the unexpected.
bloody bastards mod apk unlimited money
  • Customize and Equip: Your character's body is a canvas. Outfit yourself with the best gear, ensuring you're ready for whatever the game throws. A new shield design or a sword that burns with ethereal fire ensures you're equipped for victory.
  • Seek Challenges: Don't settle for the easy path. Seek out the game's toughest challenges to hone your skills and claim the most coveted rewards.

Best Tips for Bloody Bastards APK

Navigating the thrilling world of Bloody Bastards demands skill, strategy, and a good grasp of its intricate mechanics:

  • Embrace the Grind: In Bloody Bastards, power comes with persistence. Embrace the effort to rise higher, enhance your statistics, and gather a powerful collection of weapons. The longer you engage in the activity, the more proficient you become.
bloody bastards mod apk latest version
  • Always Update Your Arsenal: The game frequently introduces new weapons and equipment. Always check the equipment option to ensure you wield the latest and most lethal gear.
  • Master the Art of Defense: It's not just about the offense. Perfecting the timing to block and parry can turn a sure defeat into a surprising victory. Remember, a well-timed block can counter a heavy hit from the enemy.
  • Utilize All Combat Modes: Bloody Bastards offers various combat modes. Each mode offers unique challenges and rewards, whether a solo mission or a multiplayer battle. Familiarize yourself with all to maximize your experience.
  • Conserve and Strategize: Don't waste your best moves or weapons at the start. Understand your enemy, conserve your resources, and strike when the time is right. A smart strategy always trumps brute force.
  • Protect Your Profile: As with any online game, security is paramount. Ensure you have a strong password and regularly update your account details to keep your profile at the top of its game.


bloody bastards mod apk for android
  • Don't Hoard, Upgrade: While collecting all the stuff the game offers is tempting, regularly upgrading your gear is crucial. Better gear translates to more power, ensuring you're always battle-ready.
  • Experiment and Learn: The best way to learn is through experience. Feel free to try various tactics, weapons, and game modes without fear. Even a defeat offers valuable lessons.


Bloody Bastards MOD APK is not just any ordinary mobile game; it sets itself apart with its distinctive allure and intricate mechanics. The captivating pixel art and immersive visual design transport players to a medieval realm where strategy and reflexes reign supreme. It pays homage to classic combat games with a contemporary twist, garnering widespread popularity. 

FAQs Bloody Bastards

What sets Bloody Bastards apart from other mobile fighting games? +

Bloody Bastards offers a unique physics-based medieval combat system, combined with a rich pixel art design, setting it apart from typical mobile fighting games.

Can I customize my character in Bloody Bastards? +

Absolutely! Bloody Bastards provides players vast customization options, allowing for a tailored combat experience and unique character appearances.

Is there a multiplayer option in Bloody Bastards? +

Bloody Bastards boasts an intense multiplayer mode, enabling players to test their combat prowess against opponents globally

Download Bloody Bastards (103.62 Mb)
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