Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D Mod APK 1.6.3 (Unlimited money/Unlocked)

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Download Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D MOD APK latest version for Android 2024, and dive into the exhilarating world of sports gaming!

Information of Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D

Name Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D
Compatible with Android 8.1+
Last version 1.6.3
Size 561.06 Mb
Category Sports
Developer EONEvolve
Google Play Link


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About Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D

The Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D APK ensures that the fun and excitement of playing games on phones improves due to the enthralling and challenging mixes suitable for a big user base on the Android platform. The app is offered on Google Play through EONEvolve. It's the whole experience, not just the riding part. The players download and then navigate their virtual bikes in these dynamic 3D environments, forming a world into which they are swirled in a combination of agility and strategy. With each turn and push in their mobile gadgets, they no longer play games but rather part of a nail-biting escapade involving the excitement of real biking life.

What is New in Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D APK?

The newest Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D version gave some new features and brought the game to a new level, providing great speed for its players. Adding a redefining way, the users will race across the magnificent landscapes and overcome the daring obstacles towards a further thrilling and dynamic gaming experience. Some of the new exciting things added in this update are:

  • Enhanced Graphics: Experience clearer and more authentic graphics that present realistic races.
  • New Locations: The game has a lot of new locations to offer where the player can be pampered with great terrain and new challenges.
  • Advanced Bike Customization: More advanced tuning and customizations for a detailed and personalized experience in biking.
bicycle extreme rider 3d mod apk
  • Improved Obstacle Designs: Brand new intricate obstacle structures that pose a challenge and increase realism.
  • Dynamic Weather Conditions: With every weather change, the unpredictability adds a new excitement quotient to your ride.
  • Multiplayer Enhancements: Improvements have been added to the multiplayer features to make the game much more competitive and ensure that players have fun racing against other human competitors.
  • Additional Game Modes: Game modes from typical to diversified challenges keep the gameplay fresh and packed with surprises.

These all add depth to the game and make it one that'll be interesting for new and seasoned players.

Features of Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D APK

Realistic Environments and Customizable Bikes

The backbone of Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D is highly realistic gameplay that gets the player immersed. Players are thrown into a carefully constructed world that leaves no space between virtual and reality and, as such, offers:


  • Diverse Terrains: From the busy city streets to the serene countryside trails, each environment is designed to tempt and provoke a challenge.
bicycle extreme rider 3d mod apk download
  • Dynamic Weather Systems: Adds a complex, as well as a real-life, layer to the gameplay.
  • Day and Night Cycles: Experience the beauty of different times of the day, enhancing the visual appeal.

Equally impressive is the Customizable Bikes feature. It empowers players with the ability to:

  • Personalize Bikes: Modify and upgrade bikes with various parts and accessories for performance and aesthetics.
  • Unique Bike Models: Choose from various bike models with distinct characteristics.
  • Performance Upgrades: Improve bike capabilities, like speed and handling, to suit different terrains and challenges.

Challenging Obstacles and Multiplayer Mode

Another aspect that elevates Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D is the array of Challenging Obstacles. These obstacles test the skills and resilience of players, featuring:

  • Varied Difficulty Levels: Obstacles range from beginner-friendly to expert-level, catering to all skill sets.
  • Interactive Elements: Some obstacles require strategic thinking and quick reflexes, adding depth to the gameplay.

The Multiplayer Mode further enhances the gaming experience by:

  • Competitive Racing: Challenge friends or your rivals to their personalized event in real-time head-to-head.
bicycle extreme rider 3d mod apk unlimited money
  • Leaderboards: Beat the top racers worldwide and break to the top on global leaderboards, winning races and daily challenges.
  • Social Interaction: Race against or race with friends and players.

These features make racing and biking eventful and varied within the 3D environment, so the Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D should be the game all enthusiasts and casual gamers must try to play.

Best Tips for Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D APK

Maximizing your enjoyment and success in playing the Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D game will take a mix of skill, strategy, and understanding the game's nuances. Below are some important tips to enhance your gameplay:

  • Master the Controls: Get familiar with the controls of your game. Smooth control handling is very important to go through difficult tracks and to control accurately.
  • Explore the City: Don't miss out on exploring the revamped city. Each corner of the city comes with unique elements; it might be challenging at some points but also rewarding.


bicycle extreme rider 3d mod apk android
  • Upgrade Your Bike: From time to time, upgrade your bike to improve its performance. This can make a difference between struggling through a track and soaring through it easily.
  • Join a Club: Being a part of a club or a community for the game would provide insights, tips, and tricks from other players.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: As with any other skill, proficiency in this game will come from practice. So, do take time for different trails to race against your records.
  • Learn from Mistakes: Each crash or failed attempt is an opportunity to learn. Analyze what went wrong and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Keep an Eye on Upgrades: The game frequently introduces new upgrades. Stay updated to make the most of your gaming experience.
  • Tackle the Challenges: Actively seek out and overcome challenging trails. This not only improves your skills but also unlocks achievements and rewards.
bicycle extreme rider 3d mod apk new
  • Experiment with Different Bikes: Different bikes have unique strengths. Experiment with various types to find what suits your playing style best.
  • Participate in Events: Regular events offer special challenges and rewards. Participating in these can significantly enhance your skills and in-game resources.


Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D MOD APK has found its way to the front lines in mobile sports gaming, delivering an unmatched combination of thrill and challenge. It includes an environment filled with details, natural-sounding physics, and extended facilities for game personalization. The first important step for everyone who looks forward to this exciting experience is to install the game, a simple procedure, and to be fully involved in its lively environment. Suppose you are a true professional in cycling simulation games or just a beginner who has entered the digital world. In that case, this game, with all its necessary features, is to capture you for many brilliant hours. Don't miss such a roller coaster with excitement.

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