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Dive into the 2024 new version of BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix APK, the ultimate action game for Android. Ready to download and embark on an alien adventure?

Information of BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix

Name BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.2.24
Size 137 MB
Category Action
Developer Zapak


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About BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix

BEN 10 Battle for the Omnitrix APK emerges as a thrilling game experience on the mobile gaming landscape. Developed by the renowned developer, Zapak, this Android sensation invites players into a world where transformation and adventure collide. The essence of the beloved BEN 10 universe is encapsulated in every aspect of the gameplay, offering a dive into a realm of aliens and heroic challenges. As players navigate through this intricately designed universe, they are not just playing a game; they are stepping into a meticulously crafted world that resonates with the spirit of the original animated series. This introduction sets the stage for an engaging journey where every tap and swipe on the mobile screen brings the vivid world of BEN 10 to life.

What is New in BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix APK? 

In the latest iteration of BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix, several new features enhance the game, offering players a more immersive and dynamic experience. These updates have been carefully designed to amplify the engaging gameplay, showcasing unique abilities and introducing new facets to beloved characters like Ben Tennyson, Heatblast, Wildmutt, Cannonbolt, Diamondhead, and the adversaries Megawatts, Werewolf, and Ghostfreak. Here's what's new:

  • Enhanced Alien Transformations: Players can now experience more fluid and visually striking transformations into different aliens, including fan-favorites like Heatblast and Wildmutt.
  • New Levels and Environments: Explore never-before-seen locations that challenge players to adapt their strategies and fully utilize the unique abilities of each alien form.
  • Updated Character Designs: Fresh designs for Ben Tennyson and his alien forms, along with villains like Megawatts and Ghostfreak, bring a new look that aligns closely with the animated series.
ben10 battle for the omnitrix apk
  • Advanced Combat Mechanics: The game now includes more sophisticated battle dynamics, allowing for a deeper and more engaging combat experience.
  • Interactive Story Elements: New narrative features integrate directly into the gameplay, making each action and decision part of the unfolding story.
  • Enhanced Graphics and Animations: The visual appeal of the game has been significantly upgraded, offering a more immersive experience for players.
  • Special Abilities for Each Alien: Each alien form now comes with its own set of special abilities, allowing for more strategic gameplay and varied approaches to challenges.


These updates to BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix not only honor the legacy of the original series but also introduce fresh elements that will excite both long-time fans and new players alike.

Features of BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix APK 

Dynamic Alien Transformations and Abilities

BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix takes gameplay to an exhilarating level with its dynamic alien transformations. Players have the power to morph into various alien forms, each endowed with unique abilities and powers. This feature stands at the core of the game, providing a diverse and thrilling experience. The transformations include:

  • Heatblast: Known for fiery attacks and the ability to fly.
  • Wildmutt: Offers heightened senses and agility.
ben10 battle for the omnitrix apk download
  • Cannonbolt: Perfect for bowling over enemies with high-speed rolls.
  • Diamondhead: Capable of shooting crystal shards and creating crystal barriers.

These transformations are not just cosmetic changes; they play a vital role in strategy and progression, making every decision in the game crucial.

Adventure and Challenge in Gameplay

The essence of BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix is encapsulated in its adventurous gameplay, characterized by challenging battles and the quest for power orbs. The journey through the game is filled with obstacles and enemies, requiring strategic thinking and skillful use of alien powers. Key aspects include:

  • Power Orbs Collection: Players must navigate various terrains to find power orbs, crucial for maintaining the Omnitrix's energy.
ben 10 battle for the omnitrix apk
  • Engaging Enemy Encounters: Face off against iconic adversaries like Megawatts and Werewolf in battles that test skills and strategy.
  • Progressive Difficulty: As players advance, the challenges become more complex, offering a satisfying difficulty curve.

Complementing these features, the game boasts high-quality graphics that vividly bring the BEN10 universe to life, along with simple controls that ensure a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. It's important to note, however, that there is no tablet support for this version, focusing the experience squarely on mobile devices.

Best Tips for BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix APK

Maximizing your success in BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix requires more than just quick reflexes and a love for the game. It's about strategic play, understanding the capabilities of your characters, and making the most of the resources available. Here are the best tips to help you excel:

  • Collect Power Orbs to Restore the Fading Power of the Omnitrix: These orbs are crucial for maintaining your strength and abilities in the game. Prioritize finding them to keep your Omnitrix fully powered.
  • Use the Unique Abilities of Each Alien to Your Advantage: Every alien form has its own strengths. Learning and utilizing these abilities can be the key to overcoming difficult challenges.


ben10 battle for the omnitrix apk latest version
  • Time Your Attacks to Really Dish Out the Damage: Mastering the timing of your attacks can significantly increase your effectiveness in combat.
  • Upgrade Your Aliens’ Abilities to Make Them Faster, Stronger, and Tougher: Regularly upgrading your aliens can turn the tide in challenging battles, making you more resilient and powerful.
  • Learn the Unique Attack Patterns of the Relentless Enemy Robot Army: Understanding your enemy's attack patterns allows you to anticipate and counter their moves effectively.
  • Collect Gears to Upgrade Your Aliens’ Abilities: Gears are essential for enhancing your aliens' skills, so be sure to gather as many as possible.
  • Use the Omnitrix to Transform into Powerful Aliens: Strategic use of the Omnitrix is vital. Transform at the right moments to maximize your potential in battles.
  • Unlock New Alien Transformations by Collecting Omniboxes: Keep an eye out for Omniboxes, as they hold the key to unlocking new and powerful alien forms.
ben10 battle for the omnitrix apk for android
  • Increase Your Stats to Become Faster and Stronger: Continuously work on improving your stats to stay ahead of increasingly challenging opponents.
  • Use Your Supernatural Weapons to Outsmart the Soldiers: Employ your arsenal of supernatural weapons smartly to gain an edge over enemy soldiers.

Adhering to these tips in BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix will not only enhance your game experience but also increase your chances of becoming a master of the Omnitrix.


In essence, BEN10 Battle for the Omnitrix APK stands as a must-have for fans and newcomers alike, offering an immersive, action-packed adventure in the palm of your hands. With its blend of nostalgic charm and innovative gameplay, it presents a unique opportunity to dive into the world of Ben 10. The game is a testament to how mobile gaming can bring beloved universes to life in an interactive and engaging way. For those eager to embark on this thrilling journey, the game is readily available for download, promising hours of entertainment and the joy of stepping into the shoes of a hero.

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