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Get the new version of Auto Clicker MOD APK for Android, an indispensable tool to automate taps. Enhance your apps experience with a download today!

Information of Auto Clicker

Name Auto Clicker
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 2.1.4
Size 3.7 MB
Category Tools
Developer True Developers Studio
Google Play Link
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MOD Features
  • Pro Unlocked

About Auto Clicker

Dive into the digital convenience with Auto Clicker APK, a revolutionary tool designed to automate your mobile tapping needs. Offered by True Developers Studio, this app stands out on Google Play as a must-have for Android users seeking efficiency. Whether you're gaming or navigating through repetitive tasks, Auto Clicker transforms your device into a productivity powerhouse. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it a top choice among tools for automating actions, offering a seamless experience on your Android device.

How to use Auto Clicker APK

  • Install Auto Clicker from the Google Play Store to bring this powerful tool into your arsenal of apps.
  • Open the app and grant the required Accessibility service permission; a vital step to harness its full potential.
auto clicker mod apk
  • Dive into customization by setting your preferences. Configure your desired settings, including click interval, duration, and click points, tailoring Auto Clicker to your specific needs.
  • Leverage the floating control panel to start or stop the automatic tap effortlessly, providing control right at your fingertips for seamless operation.

Features of Auto Clicker APK

  • Repetitive Taps: Auto Clicker excels in executing repetitive taps at any specified location on your screen, making it a boon for users looking to automate mundane tasks or enhance their gameplay in various apps.
  • No Root Required: Standout among many tools, Auto Clicker does not demand root access to your device, ensuring a hassle-free setup and use on any Android device without compromising security or warranty.
  • Floating Control Panel: Accessibility is key with Auto Clicker. A floating control panel floats over other apps, providing swift access to start or stop the automation of mouse clicks with minimal effort.
auto clicker mod apk download
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind, the user-friendly interface of Auto Clicker makes navigation and operation a breeze for users of all technical backgrounds.
  • Multiple Click Points and Swipes: Offering versatility, Auto Clicker allows users to set up multiple click points and swipes, catering to complex tasks and enhancing interaction within apps.
  • Global Timer: Implementing a global timer feature enables users to set a duration for how long the Auto Clicker should operate, automating tasks for a specified time, thus fostering efficiency and control.
  • Script Import/Export: For users seeking customization and repeatability, Auto Clicker includes a script import/export feature, allowing the sharing and replication of configurations, making it easier to manage complex automation tasks across different apps or devices.

Best Tips for Auto Clicker APK

  • Fine-Tune Intervals: Optimize Auto Clicker's efficiency by experimenting with click intervals. Adjusting these settings can enhance both the function and automation performance in your favorite apps, ensuring a balance between speed and system stability.
  • Test in Safe Environment: Before deploying Auto Clicker for important tasks, it's crucial to run it in a controlled, safe environment. This preliminary step helps you understand its impact on apps and device function, safeguarding your data and interface experience.
auto clicker mod apk pro unlocked
  • Monitor Battery Usage: Automation tools, especially those executing repetitive actions like Auto Clicker, can significantly affect battery life. Keep an eye on your device’s power consumption to ensure it aligns with your usage expectations and apps requirements.
  • Avoid Intrusive Use: Use Auto Clicker responsibly. Respect the terms of service of apps and platforms. Ethical use ensures a positive impact on your automation tasks without risking account suspensions or other penalties for intrusive use.

Auto Clicker APK Alternatives

  • Click Assistant: A formidable competitor to Auto Clicker, Click Assistant offers a robust suite of features including customizable click sequences, gestures, and timing options. Its standout feature is the ability to draw and save complex swipe patterns, making it ideal for users needing more intricate automation. The intuitive interface ensures that setting up precise tasks is both simple and effective, enhancing productivity across various apps.
auto clicker mod apk premium
  • QuickTouch: Another excellent alternative, QuickTouch shines with its ability to perform multi-touch actions, offering users a dynamic range of automation possibilities. From simple taps to complicated patterns, QuickTouch provides a versatile toolset that caters to both basic and advanced automation needs. Its lightweight design and easy-to-use interface make it a favorite among users looking to enhance their mobile experience without overwhelming their device.
  • AutoInput: Distinguished by its integration with Tasker, AutoInput allows for an unparalleled level of automation customization. Beyond mere taps and swipes, this app can automate almost any UI interaction, making it perfect for users seeking comprehensive control over their device. AutoInput's advanced features, like text recognition and event triggers, provide a powerful platform for automating complex sequences and tasks, offering a sophisticated alternative to traditional auto-clickers.


Embracing Auto Clicker translates to unlocking a realm of efficiency and enhanced performance across a multitude of apps. With its advanced features tailored to automate and simplify tasks, it stands as a testament to innovation in Android app development. Users eager to streamline their digital tasks should not hesitate to download this tool. Its capability to transform tedious interactions into seamless operations makes it an indispensable asset. Engage with Auto Clicker MOD APK and elevate your mobile experience to new heights of productivity and convenience.

Download Auto Clicker (3.7 MB)
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