Asian Drag Champion Mod APK 1.0.7 (Unlimited money/Gems/Menu)

Icon Asian Drag Champion Mod APK 1.0.7 (Unlimited money/Gems/Menu)
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Download Asian Drag Champion MOD APK latest version for Android. Experience top-tier racing game action and dominate the tracks in 2024.

Information of Asian Drag Champion

Name Asian Drag Champion
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.0.7
Size 149.32 Mb
Category Racing
Developer TDMgame
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited medal
  • No ads

About Asian Drag Champion

Immerse yourself in a new, electrifying world of drag racing straight to your mobile device with Asian Drag Champion APK, which redefines speed and strategy without being bound by any mobile phone.

Sometimes shining ahead and within the limits of Google Play, the title guarantees high-octane entertainment: the thrill of competition with the joys of customization. An infinity of meticulous universes brought players to where the roaring of engines and the blur of speed ruled at a cusp.

Live the pinnacle of drag racing right at the palm of your hand—crafted and polished for all enthusiasts and newcomers looking to shatter an arm in the racing arena.

Reasons Why Players Love Playing Asian Drag Champion

It's just so much fun playing the Asian Drag Champion because of the perfect storm that it puts the players in all across the world: a popular, accessible, and replayable game that has a hook toward the playing. It's the holder's eminent presence in high-octane, the best drag racing game.

The popularity of Asian Drag Champion is not just in the figures but also in their compelling experience, from sprints offering friendly yet competitive situations to racers at all levels. It additionally draws on the Asia Drag Champion, ensuring strong accessibility plus excellent replayability for all players in the joy of racing.

Asian Drag Champion 1

Controls are kept friendly and with learning curves for the game to be tough enough not to make the new people not realize how exactly the action works. With more tracks and cars to add to the game, new content is added to every update.

Be safe, knowing your racing will always be fresh and keep you hooked. All this combines to make Asian Drag Champion another drag racing game and an evolving adventure in the high-speed snaps and drag racing world.

Features of Asian Drag Champion APK

  • Authentic Drag Racing: Immerse yourself in the all-new Asian Drag Champion, the game with the core of the real and highly exciting drag race. Players from across Asia will take part in intense single/multiplayer matches. This will epitomize a competitive race where skill and strategy are tested against the track.
Asian Drag Champion2
  • Vehicle Customization: More than just gameplay, Asian Drag Champion offers a complete Vehicle Customization system. This feature allows the players to have their machines designed with tens of skins and performance enhancements, making each player look and perform differently. This feature will allow players to spiff up their rides to fit their race style in every race.
  • New Vehicle Ability System: Send your racing to the limits with a new vehicle Ability System. With the system change in the game, players have a strategic upper hand over opponents, making the vehicle performance more dynamic. In-detail strategic customization of abilities for fine-tuned cars will let the player perfect every second on the track.
  • Online Server & World Chat: With the aid of its Online Server & World Chat, you can get into the game out of the walls of conventional definitions of space and into a world where the only time is now. This gives an added interrelation feature among the racers worldwide, easing getting along, ideas on tip exchange, victory celebration, and making friends of fraternity.


Asian Drag Champion3
  • Regular Updates: Commitment to excellence is demonstrated through the Regular Updates that Asian Drag Champion receives. These updates ensure the game remains fresh, introducing new vehicles, skins, and features while optimizing performance for the best gameplay experience. It keeps the community engaged, always offering something new to discover and enjoy.

Asian Drag Champion APK Alternatives

Traffic Rider 

If you're into action but looking for something very different from the Asian Drag Champion game, then Traffic Rider would be a perfect fit. The game offers first-person views from the ground that make you think you are on a speedway.

Added to those are realistic bike sounds that are close to the original ones, with precise specifications of, say, roadside bushes or driveways, stored cars, and much more in each environment.

This game is quite different, with very realistic sounds of bikes and stunning details of environments that could be rural, city, or seaside. Every mission will bring about endless racing mixed with average situations.

Xtreme Motorbikes

If you love customizability and want to go all-out in an urban environment with a racing game, then Xtreme Motorbikes is the way to do it. It is just an amazing game with fast motor racing through city streets, making stunts and upgrades on different bikes.

Asian Drag Champion4

Combine that with realistic physics and dynamic gameplay, and you get an unmistakable flavor of excitement that thrusts the drag racing spirit of Asian Drag Champion—now, with a freestyling edge.

Racing Fever: Moto 

Next in line: a game that blends high-speed racing with a rolled strategic edge—Racing Fever: Moto. Race on your way fast into the captivating world of motorcycle racers, adorned with a highly engaging storyline, diversified game modes, and even a multiplayer mode.


Identically detailed bike models and racing against your friends or AI competitors are the temptations the fans are starving for, looting each with depth and diversity.

Best Tips for Asian Drag Champion APK

To excel in Asian Drag Champion, players should consider these strategic tips, designed to enhance both performance and enjoyment in the game:

  • Purchase Bikes with Coins: Begin your journey as in Asian Drag Champion by acquiring bikes using the coins you earn. Starting with a model like the MOI 110 can set a solid foundation, allowing you to accumulate resources for more advanced purchases. This game strategy ensures a steady progression in the racing realm.
  • Upgrade Bikes: Leveraging the Upgrade Bikes feature is crucial. Spend ability points wisely to boost your bike's speed, acceleration, and handling. In Asian Drag Champion, a well-upgraded bike can differentiate between victory and defeat, making this tip essential for those looking to dominate the leaderboard.
Asian Drag Champion5
  • Customize Your Racer: Stylized customization isn't just about aesthetics; it's about making your mark in the game. Personalize your racer's appearance with unique skins, distinguishing yourself on the track and adding a layer of enjoyment to the Asian Drag Champion experience.
  • Participate in Challenge Races: Engaging in Challenge Races diversifies your gameplay experience and allows you to earn more coins and experience. These events test your skills in new ways, encouraging adaptive strategies and techniques in Asian Drag Champion.
  • Practice Wheelies: Mastering wheelies can significantly increase the coins you earn after winning a race. While requiring practice, this technique adds an exciting dynamic to the game, enhancing both performance and the visual thrill of racing.


Embracing the rush of Asian Drag Champion transforms your mobile device into a portal to exhilarating drag racing adventures. With its blend of stylized graphics, customizable gameplay, and community features, it stands as a pinnacle of racing games for Android.

Whether you want to purchase bikes with coins, upgrade bikes for better performance, customize your racer for a personal touch, participate in challenge races, or practice wheelies for extra flair, this game delivers. Download Asian Drag Champion MOD APK today and join a world where speed, strategy, and style converge to offer an unmatched racing experience.

Download Asian Drag Champion (149.32 Mb)
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