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Download Asian Drag Champion Mod Apk Unlimited money latest version and access high-quality bikes for thrilling racing escapades. You'll compete against friends to earn bragging rights!

Information of Asian Drag Champion

Name Asian Drag Champion
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.0.7
Size 149.32 Mb
Category Racing
Developer TDMgame
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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited medal
  • No ads

About Asian Drag Champion

Bike racing is a beloved pastime in Asia, and Asian Drag Champion MOD APK for Android brings the feel of this sport to your Android device hassle-free. It’s a thrilling game that relies on quick reflexes and high-speed thrills.

The game is characterized by wheelies, wheel spinning, and avoiding obstacles. It is set on a straight track, eliminating the complexities of cornering. Nevertheless, the game provides unrivaled adrenaline-pumping action.

Asian Drag Champion4

When you begin playing Asian Drag Champion APK, you start with a basic model bike. As the game progresses, you can upgrade your ride to include brake discs, turbo boosters, and other boosts.

Overall, Asian Drag Champion offers an authentic racing experience with well-designed visuals and absorbing sound effects. It'll leave you yearning for more. Download it and get your drag racing fix from the comfort of your device! 

Is Asian Drag Champion Mod APK Worthwhile?

This game is the newest entrant in the drag racing scene and it promises to deliver an exceptional experience. But is it worth your time?

Having tested it out, we can confirm that Asian Drag Champion has a unique charm to it. The graphics are slick and the sound design is hypnotic, making for a truly gripping experience.

Additionally, the game incorporates an insane bike diversity, giving players unrivaled freedom when picking their ideal game. Some unique selection parameters include manual vs. automatic transmission, engine capacities, piston sizes, crankshaft size, clutch sensitivity, and many others.

Asian Drag Champion 1

While the game has disadvantages (the AI could be a bit more responsive at times), it's still worth trying out. It doesn't require a super-powerful device (Android 5.1+), and most people will have no problem playing it.

Overall, this game is well-thought-out and guarantees a near-real dragging experience. Its numerous modification options enable you to personalize your gameplay & enjoy tailor-made competitions.

How to Play Asian Drag Champion Mod APK

The gameplay is facile and should be familiar to every drag racing fan. You start by accessing your garage and selecting your desired bike. You'll see a list of available models, and you can see their stats before deciding.

When you pick your bike, you can then customize it with the available upgrades. As mentioned above, you'll have numerous parts to choose from – each of them providing different stats. You can modify and improve your engine performance & its overall looks.

Asian Drag Champion3

However, some bikes are locked and you can only access them after completing certain tasks. The same applies to upgrades – some of them will be available after you accomplish specific achievements.

Once you've selected a bike & customized it to your liking, it's time to race! You will be matched up against other players in various racing modes. If you come out on top, you'll earn rewards that will allow you to further upgrade your bike or buy new parts.


Even better, you can connect with friends and play together. You can challenge them to races, allowing a platform to showcase your skills and have bragging rights. Ensure you progressively level up and keep your skills sharp to stay ahead of the competition.

Speed vs. Stunts - Which to Focus On?

This game requires hybrid skills - speed to cross the finish line first and stunts to collect combo stars & points. So, which one should you focus on? Is it better to go for speed or stunts? The answer depends on the level. But in general, you should focus on speed first and then switch to stunts as you progress through the levels.

The golden rule is to master the basics first. You need to have good control over your vehicle so that you’re able to perform stunts without crashing into obstacles or other vehicles. Similarly, you should be able to navigate the terrain and beat other players in races.

Once you’ve mastered these two tasks, you can then focus on stunts if that’s your preference. Doing stunts can give you a lot of combo stars & points, but only if you’re able to pull them off without crashing or losing time.

Finally, you must understand the level's requirements & your opponent's abilities. This will help you to plan your approach better and compete effectively. With practice, you can hone your skills and become a master at stunt racing.

Other Exceptional Features of Asian Drag Champion Mod APK

  • Highly Dynamic Obstacles. This game tests your skills to navigate challenging obstacles, jumps & bends in the race. It features various obstacles such as bricks, barrels & containers. You must fathom the correct path to pass through these obstacles without crashing or losing speed.
  • Challenge Your Friends. You can compete against your friends and other players globally to prove who is the best Asian drag champ. The online challenges are designed to offer fair and exciting matches, ensuring you're matched with players of similar skill levels.
Asian Drag Champion2
  • Massive Customization Abilities. You can customize the look/styling of your vehicle with various modifications, including paint jobs, decals, and rims. You can also choose from different engine upgrades to upgrade your vehicle's stats.
  • Upgradable Feature Set. The game offers various upgradable features such as improved acceleration, easier cornering, faster brakes, and more.
  • Realistic Tracks and Physics. The Asian Drag Champ game offers realistic 3D tracks with various obstacles like tunnels, loops, jumps, hills, curves, water hazards, and so on. Additionally, the game has a comprehensive physics engine that accurately simulates a realistic driving experience.
  • Authentic Mechanics & Responsive Controls. The mechanics and controls of the game are authentic and very responsive, providing players with a realistic driving experience. The game also offers various assistive features like auto-brake and assisted steering to help newbies get started easily.


Graphics and Visuals

It's hard not to be impressed by the stunning visuals of the Asian Drag Champ game. The tracks are highly detailed and feature beautiful lighting effects & realistic weather conditions.

The bikes are also well-designed and feature realistic liveries and drivers. Additionally, the game offers many camera angles to give you the best view.

Overall, Asian Drag Champ perfectly captures the intensity and excitement of drag racing while providing an enjoyable gaming experience. It teleports you straight into the heart of the action.

Download Requirements & Additional Information

This game is minimalistic and weighs approximately 125B, making it easy to download & install. It requires Android 5.1+ devices with at least 2GB RAM to operate optimally.

The developer, TDMgame, also offers regular updates to enhance the gaming experience and add more features. This way, you can enjoy the latest graphics, soundtracks, & camera angles that give you the best view of your driving experience.

How to Play Asian Drag Champion Like a Pro - Proven Tips

  • Decipher the Game's Fundamentals. You must understand the game's fundamentals before you can truly master it. This includes knowing your race bike, familiarizing yourself with the track, and learning how to corner & drift well.
  • Stay Up-to-Date. Asian Drag Champion PvP Online MOD APK is a cutting-edge game that constantly updates with new content and advanced features. You should stay up-to-date with recent developments, such as upgraded bikes, new tracks, and improved gameplay mechanics. You can also join online forums or follow professional racers to get the latest information about the game.
Asian Drag Champion5
  • Set Specific Goals & Stick to Them. Setting realistic goals is essential for any drag racer aspiring to reach the top of their class. Start by listing out short-term objectives you want to achieve by the end of each racing season. You can also set long-term goals for participating in major events, winning championships, and earning sponsorships.
  • Practice & Refine Your Techniques. Practice makes perfect and drag racing is no different - you must continually practice and refine your driving techniques to stay competitive. To improve your reaction times at the starting line, try practicing on a drag strip or using an online simulator to hone your skills.


Asian Drag Champion MOD APK download is a thrilling sport that requires both skill and dedication. It challenges racers to push the limits of their bikes and driving skills while competing against other drivers.

To be successful, you must practice frequently, refine your techniques, and make regular modifications to keep up with the competition. With enough effort & dedication, you can become a top-level drag racer and compete in some of Asia’s most prestigious racing events.

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