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Unleash the magic with Amikin Survival MOD APK, the #10 top free role playing game. Explore the new version and download it now for android!

Information of Amikin Survival

Name Amikin Survival
Compatible with Android 10+
Last version 0.3.0
Size 422.76 Mb
Category Role playing
Developer Helio Games
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MOD Features
  • Menu MOD

About Amikin Survival

Step into the enchanting world of Amikin Survival APK, a captivating role playing game that transforms your mobile experience. Offered by Helio Games, this game is a jewel in the crown of Google Play's extensive library, specifically designed for Android users. Dive into a realm where fantasy and strategy collide, creating a playground for both novice and veteran gamers. As you embark on this journey, prepare to be immersed in a narrative as rich as the gameplay itself.

What is New in Amikin Survival APK?

The latest update to Amikin Survival brings a wealth of new features designed to enhance engaging gameplay, deepen the connection with unique Amikins, and inject more humor and whimsy into the game. Here’s what players can expect from the new version:

  • Enhanced Character Customization: Dive deeper into personalizing your hero with expanded character traits and appearance options.
  • New Amikin Species: Discover several new unique Amikins, each with special abilities and intriguing backstories.
  • Upgraded Battle Mechanics: Experience more dynamic and strategic combat that challenges both new and seasoned players.
  • Expanded World Exploration: Uncover new regions filled with hidden secrets and rich narratives, enhancing the engaging gameplay.
amikin survival mod apk
  • Interactive Story Elements: Engage in decision-driven storylines that influence the game's world and your Amikins.
  • Cultural Festivals: Participate in in-game events that celebrate diversity with humor and whimsy, offering special rewards.
  • Improved Social Features: Connect and compete with other players through updated guild systems and shared quests.
  • Crafting System Overhaul: A revamped crafting system allows for more complex and rewarding crafting experiences.
  • Seasonal Challenges: Tackle new challenges with unique themes that test your strategy and adaptability in the game.

Each update aims to enrich the Amikin Survival experience, ensuring players remain immersed and engaged in this ever-evolving universe.

Features of Amikin Survival APK

Amikin Allies & Home Base Haven

Amikin Survival is renowned for its intricate gameplay mechanics, particularly through features like Amikin Allies and Home Base Haven. These elements not only enhance the depth of the game but also provide a personalized experience:


Amikin Allies:

  • Collect Unique Creatures: Each Amikin has distinct abilities and traits, adding layers to strategic gameplay.
amikin survival mod apk download
  • Training and Evolution: Develop your Amikins' skills through training and watch them evolve into formidable allies.
  • Bonding System: Strengthen your connection with Amikins as you progress, unlocking new abilities and interactions.

Home Base Haven:

  • Customizable Base: Design and build your own command center from the ground up.
  • Automation Features: Automate tasks to improve efficiency and focus on exploration and combat.
  • Resource Management: Manage resources wisely to support your base's growth and your Amikins' development.

Power-Up Parade & Epic Explorations

Continuing the immersive gameplay of Amikin Survival, the Power-Up Parade and Epic Explorations offer players dynamic ways to engage with the game's world and its challenges:

Power-Up Parade:

  • Merge Mechanics: Combine Amikins to discover new power-ups and enhancements.
amikin survival mod apk for android
  • Breeding System: Breed Amikins to create rare and powerful allies with unique capabilities.
  • Skill Upgrades: Invest in upgrading Amikin skills for specialized combat strategies.

Epic Explorations:

  • Vast Open World: Explore a large, detailed world filled with mysteries and adventures.
  • Quests and Missions: Engage in various quests that unfold new aspects of the story and world.
  • Environmental Interactions: Interact with different environments that react dynamically to player actions.

These features, paired with Meme Magic—the light-hearted cultural references and humor—ensure that Amikin Survival remains a delightful and engaging experience for all players.

Best Tips for Amikin Survival APK

Mastering Amikin Survival requires strategic thinking and a keen understanding of the game's mechanics. Here are some essential tips to enhance your gameplay and ensure a thriving adventure:

Leverage Amikin Synergy:

  • Combine Forces: Pair Amikins whose abilities complement each other to form powerful teams.
  • Tactical Positioning: Place your Amikins strategically in battle to maximize their collective strength.
  • Skill Matching: Match Amikin skills against enemy weaknesses to gain the upper hand in conflicts.


Prioritize Base Upgrades:

  • Resource Allocation: Invest in upgrades that increase resource production early on to ease future expansions.
amikin survival mod apk latest version
  • Defensive Structures: Enhance your base's defenses to protect against enemy raids and random encounters.
  • Efficiency Improvements: Upgrade automation systems within your base to streamline tasks and free up time for exploration.

Explore Thoroughly:

  • Secret Areas: Be vigilant for hidden paths and secret areas that often contain rare items and unique Amikins.
  • Resource Rich Locations: Identify and revisit locations known for abundant resources to support your base and Amikin development.
  • NPC Interactions: Engage with non-player characters (NPCs) as they can offer useful information, quests, and sometimes even join your cause.

Regular Updates and Events:

  • Stay Updated: Keep your game updated to access new features, events, and seasonal challenges.
amikin survival mod apk unlimited money
  • Participate in Events: Events often provide unique items and Amikins that are not available through regular gameplay.

Community Engagement:

  • Join Forums and Groups: Connect with other players to share tips, strategies, and updates about the game.
  • Multiplayer Collaborations: Team up with friends or other players online to tackle challenging quests and enemies.

By following these tips, players can significantly enhance their experience in Amikin Survival, making each session both productive and enjoyable.


Embrace the enchanting realm of Amikin Survival and experience a blend of magic, strategy, and adventure that stands out in the mobile gaming landscape. Whether you're strategizing in battles with Amikins, upgrading your mystical base, or exploring vast fantastical lands, this game continuously offers fresh and engaging content. Ready to step into a world where every choice and discovery brings new excitement? Download Amikin Survival MOD APK today and join a community of players who are already weaving their own legends.

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