Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS Mod APK 1.1.18 (Unlimited money)

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Download the latest Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS MOD APK and dive into a captivating simulation game. Experience the thrill of dinosaur farming with this new version for Android in 2024!

Information of Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS

Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.1.18
Size 234.69 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Kajewdev
Google Play Link


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited Money (Spend even if it's not enough)

Note: You can use Diamonds to buy money.



Embark on an extraordinary journey with Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS APK, a unique game that blends the thrill of dinosaur rearing with the meticulous care of farm management. This simulation experience transforms your mobile device into a prehistoric world where you can cultivate a thriving dinosaur farm. Available on Android through Google Play and meticulously crafted by Kajewdev, this game invites players to explore a vividly realized dinosaur era ingeniously adapted for modern gameplay. Engage with ancient creatures and bring prehistoric fascination right into the palm of your hands.


The latest iteration of Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS introduces a slew of enhancements and new features designed to enrich the game experience and ensure engaging gameplay. With regular updates, the developers aim to keep players captivated and immersed in a dynamically evolving prehistoric world. Here are some of the exciting new updates you can look forward to:

  • New Dinosaur Species: Discover and raise several newly added dinosaurs, each with unique behaviors and attributes.
  • Enhanced Farming Mechanics: Improved tools and farming systems allow for more efficient management of your dinosaur haven.
  • Dynamic Weather Effects: Experience how changing weather patterns affect gameplay and dinosaur behavior.
aku si peternak dinosaurus mod apk
  • Character Customization Options: Personalize your avatar with more costumes and accessories, enhancing community interaction.
  • Advanced Breeding System: Breed your dinosaurs to unlock rare hybrids with special abilities.
  • Interactive Educational Content: Learn fascinating dinosaur facts through new interactive features, adding an educational twist to your entertainment.
  • Community Events: Participate in special community-driven events that allow players to compete or collaborate for unique rewards.

These updates not only enhance the depth and fun of the game but also ensure that the Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS community remains vibrant and actively engaged. Whether you're a seasoned rancher or a new player, these additions promise fresh adventures and endless amusement.



Collect Unique Dinosaurs

Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS offers a diverse and fascinating gameplay feature that allows players to collect a wide range of dinosaurs. Each dinosaur brings its own unique charm and challenges, making your farm a vibrant and dynamic place. Below are key aspects of this feature:

  • Variety of Species: Encounter everything from the mighty T-Rex to the gentle Brachiosaurus.
aku si peternak dinosaurus mod apk download
  • Exclusive Discoveries: Each week, new and sometimes limited-time dinosaurs become available, adding a sense of mystery and anticipation.
  • Interactive Habitats: Build customized habitats for each dinosaur type, which influence their development and behavior.

Evolution System

The Evolution System in Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS adds a deep layer of strategy to the gameplay. This system allows players to not just raise dinosaurs, but also evolve them into more majestic versions of themselves. Below are the elements that make this feature stand out:

  • Growth Stages: Dinosaurs go through multiple growth stages, each with distinct visual changes and new abilities.
aku si peternak dinosaurus mod apk unlimited money
  • Genetic Enhancements: Mix and match genes from different dinosaurs to create unique traits or abilities.
  • Special Events: Participate in evolution events where your dinosaurs can evolve beyond their normal capabilities, offering new gameplay opportunities.

These features are designed to keep the game engaging and rewarding, allowing players to experience the joy of nurturing and witnessing the spectacular transformation of their prehistoric charges.


To excel in Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS, integrating strategic planning and active participation in various aspects of the game is crucial. Here are essential tips that will enhance your gameplay experience and ensure your dinosaur farm thrives:

  • Plan Your Farm Carefully: Organizing your farm efficiently is key to success. Strategically place dinosaur habitats, crops, and decorations to maximize space and resource production.
  • Level Up Dinosaurs: Regularly upgrading your dinosaurs not only improves their appearance but also their productivity and effectiveness in any farm activities or special events.
  • Participate in Events: The game frequently hosts events that offer unique rewards. Engaging in these events can accelerate your progress and provide exclusive content.
  • Pay Attention to Resources: Monitor your resource intake closely. Resources are crucial for feeding dinosaurs, upgrading structures, and speeding up processes. Efficient resource management can prevent bottlenecks in your farm's development.


aku si peternak dinosaurus mod apk latest version
  • Optimize Crop Production: Select and cultivate crops that yield the best returns over time, balancing between quick harvests for immediate needs and long-term investments for future benefits.
  • Interact with the Community: Joining the game’s community can provide tips, tricks, and help from other players. Community interactions can also lead to collaborative events and bonuses.
  • Regularly Check for Updates: The developers often release updates that can introduce new features, dinosaurs, or enhancements to gameplay. Staying updated ensures you don’t miss out on new opportunities.
  • Experiment with Dinosaur Combinations: In breeding and evolving dinosaurs, try various combinations to discover new species or unlock rare traits, which can be crucial for special events and challenges.

By following these tips, players can build a flourishing dinosaur farm in Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS, filled with diverse species and rich in resources, all while enjoying a captivating and immersive game environment.


Experience the thrill of prehistoric farming with Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS. This game offers a unique blend of dinosaur collection and farm management, wrapped in an engaging gameplay experience that keeps evolving. Whether you're new to simulation games or a seasoned player, download this game to dive into a world where the past meets the present in exciting, unexpected ways. With its continuous updates and active community, Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS MOD APK promises endless entertainment and adventure for everyone. Embrace the challenge and become the ultimate dinosaur rancher!

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