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Download the new version of Afterimage MOD APK for Android and embark on an unparalleled adventure game experience in 2024.

Information of Afterimage

Name Afterimage
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 1.0.3
Size 677.8 MB
Category Adventure
Developer TANG (HK) Network
Google Play Link
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About Afterimage

Start an incredible journey with Afterimage APK, a mobile game that revolutionizes the adventure category on Android devices. You can find it on Google Play and it is developed by TANG (HK) Network. Immerse yourself in a vast world filled with enigmas, enchantment, and an engaging plot waiting for you to uncover. Afterimage sets itself apart with its detailed design and captivating story, making it a standout in the world of mobile gaming. Enter this intricately designed adventure and escape the ordinary.

What is New in Afterimage APK?

The latest Afterimage update introduces a plethora of enhancements and new features designed to elevate the game experience for players. This version promises to immerse players deeper into its world, thanks to improvements that touch on every aspect of the game—from rich storytelling and immersive art to long playtime, unique soundtrack, and challenging enemies. Here's what's new:

  • Enhanced Character Development: Dive deeper into the backstory of Renee and her companions, enriching the game's rich storytelling.
  • Upgraded Immersive Art: Experience the Afterimage world like never before, with even more detailed environments and character animations that push the boundaries of immersive art.
  • Extended Playtime: New quests and areas have been added, extending the long playtime and ensuring there's always something new to discover.
afterimage mod apk
  • Revamped Unique Soundtrack: The game's unique soundtrack has been expanded, featuring new tracks that further enhance the emotional depth and atmosphere of your adventure.
  • New Challenging Enemies: Prepare to face off against a host of new challenging enemies, testing both your strategy and skill in new and exciting ways.
  • Additional Skills and Abilities for Renee: Renee receives a slew of new abilities, adding layers of strategy and customization to combat and exploration.

These updates promise to make Afterimage not just a game but a journey, one that players will want to embark on again and again, exploring every nook and cranny of its beautifully crafted universe.

Features of Afterimage APK

Engrossing Game Play and World

Afterimage stands as a testament to Metroidvania gameplay excellence, masterfully blending intuitive controls with a semi-open world that beckons players to explore its depths. This fusion creates an environment where discovery and progression are as rewarding as they are captivating.

  • Metroidvania Gameplay: The core of Afterimage is its Metroidvania gameplay, encouraging exploration and backtracking with newly acquired character abilities to unlock previously inaccessible areas.
  • Intuitive Controls: Afterimage prides itself on intuitive controls that allow for seamless navigation through its intricate world, ensuring that players of all skill levels can enjoy the adventure.
afterimage mod apk download
  • Semi-Open World: The game unfolds in a semi-open world, sprawling with secrets and challenges. Each area is distinct, offering unique environments to explore.
  • Estimated Gameplay Time: With an estimated gameplay time of 25 to 30 hours, Afterimage promises a lengthy adventure filled with discovery and excitement.

Combat, Abilities, and Soundscapes

Combat in Afterimage is a thrilling experience, thanks to a rich array of weapon and magic builds, complemented by diverse enemies and an epic soundtrack that heightens every encounter.

  • Character Abilities: Players can unlock more than 10 unique character abilities, each offering new ways to navigate challenges and combat foes.
  • Weapon and Magic Builds: The game allows for extensive customization through various weapon and magic builds, enabling players to tailor their playstyle.
afterimage mod apk for android
  • Diverse Enemies: Over 150 types of diverse enemies await, including formidable bosses that test players' mastery of skills and strategy.
  • Epic Soundtracks: More than 40 epic soundtracks accompany players on their journey, crafted by the Aurogon Sound Team to perfectly match the game's atmosphere and moments.

Best Tips for Afterimage APK

To navigate the enchanting world of Afterimage and harness its full potential, players should consider these essential tips. Embracing these strategies will not only enhance your enjoyment but also ensure you're making the most of the game's rich offerings.

  • Explore Thoroughly: The semi-open world of Afterimage is dense with secrets and hidden treasures. Take your time to explore thoroughly, as many areas conceal items and lore that enrich the game experience.
  • Master Combat: With a variety of diverse enemies to face, it's crucial to master combat. Pay attention to enemy patterns and learn the best tactics to use against each foe. Utilizing the right character abilities and weapon and magic builds can turn the tide of battle.
  • Upgrade Wisely: As you progress, you'll have opportunities to upgrade your character's abilities and equipment. Upgrade wisely, focusing on enhancements that complement your playstyle and prepare you for the challenges ahead.
afterimage mod apk latest version
  • Dive into Side Quests: Side quests are not only a source of additional lore but also provide valuable rewards that can aid your journey. They offer a deeper understanding of the game's world and characters.
  • Practice with New Abilities: Whenever you unlock new character abilities, take time to practice and integrate them into your combat strategy. This preparation makes navigating the game's challenges more manageable and more enjoyable.
  • Keep a Balanced Inventory: Balancing your inventory with a mix of health items, magic, and weapons ensures you're prepared for any situation. Avoid carrying too much of one item type at the expense of others.

By adhering to these tips, players will find themselves well-equipped to uncover all the mysteries and triumphs that Afterimage has to offer.


Starting the adventure offered by Afterimage is not just playing a game; it's delving into a meticulously designed world, full of obstacles and narratives. With the option to download it on Android, this edition ensures a more immersive experience, featuring intricate scenery and a compelling combat system. It welcomes players to a realm where each turn unveils a new journey, every fight an opportunity to enhance skills, and every second spent brings them closer to an unforgettable story. Those in search of a grand adventure will find Afterimage MOD APK to be a hidden gem waiting to be uncovered.

Download Afterimage (677.8 MB)
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