AdGuard Mod APK 2.7.3 (Premium Unlocked)

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Discover AdGuard MOD APK, the ultimate ad-blocking tools for apps. Download the new version to boost privacy, save data, and enjoy seamless browsing for Android.

Information of AdGuard

Name AdGuard
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.7.3
Size 6.1 MB
Category Tools
Developer AdGuard Software Limited
Google Play Link
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Premium Unlocked

About AdGuard

AdGuard APK is the pinnacle of ad-blocking tools, designed specifically for mobile browsing. Offered by AdGuard Software Limited, it eliminates intrusive ads from apps and websites, securing your privacy while optimizing your mobile experience. Unlike other blockers, AdGuard doesn't require root access, and its seamless compatibility with the latest android new versions sets it apart from the competition. With a powerful arsenal of regularly updated filters, it protects against invasive ads, phishing, and tracking software. This robust ad-blocker isn't available on Google Play but can be safely downloaded via their website or third-party stores.

How to Use AdGuard APK

Download and Install:

  • Download the AdGuard directly from their official website.
  • Install the APK by enabling unknown sources in your settings.

Launch and Configure:

  • Open AdGuard and choose the appropriate filters.
adguard mod apk
  • Add filters that specifically cater to the apps and websites you frequently use.

Browser Integration:

  • Activate the browser extension for seamless ad-blocking during web browsing.


  • Fine-tune filtering settings to personalize your AdGuard experience.
  • Optimize performance by managing ad-blocking for each app individually.

Features of AdGuard APK

Ad Blocking Everywhere:

  • AdGuard effectively eliminates all forms of ads across apps, browsers, and games, ensuring a seamless and faster browsing experience.
  • Its regularly updated filters, including language-specific ones, ensure ads are blocked even in hard-to-reach places like embedded videos.

Privacy Protection:

  • With its advanced privacy protection tools, AdGuard safeguards personal data by thwarting tracking attempts from analytics systems, advertisers, and malicious websites.
adguard mod apk download
  • The tracking protection feature prevents invisible trackers from collecting data as you browse.

Traffic Savings:

  • AdGuard significantly reduces data usage by blocking bandwidth-draining ads, pop-ups, and banners.
  • This feature is especially valuable for mobile users on limited data plans, resulting in noticeable traffic savings.

Customizable Filtering:

  • The app offers a powerful suite of tools to personalize the filtering process, letting you choose what types of ads you want to block or allow.
  • Users can create custom filters and manage ad-blocking preferences on an app-by-app basis.

Enhanced Security:

  • AdGuard offers proactive defense against phishing attempts and malware-laden websites.
  • A built-in DNS filtering system provides an extra layer of security by blocking access to harmful sites.

Non-Root Mode:

  • Unlike other ad-blocking apps, AdGuard functions flawlessly without requiring root access.
adguard mod apk for android
  • This makes it suitable for a broad range of android devices and allows easy installation.

Regular Updates:

  • Frequent updates ensure that AdGuard remains compatible with the latest apps and websites, consistently delivering cutting-edge protection.
  • The development team listens to user feedback, making continuous improvements to the tools.

Best Tips for AdGuard APK

Regularly Update Filters:

  • Keep AdGuard's filters up to date to maximize blocking efficiency and protect against the latest ad trends.
  • Access filter updates manually or enable automatic updates via the setting options.

Explore Advanced Settings:

  • Delve into advanced features like tracking protection to safeguard your data.
  • Experiment with custom filters to block specific ad types across different apps.

Check Battery Usage:

  • Monitor battery consumption to ensure AdGuard remains efficient.
adguard mod apk latest version
  • Optimize usage by managing which apps require constant filtering.

Manage DNS Filtering:

  • Enable DNS filtering for an added layer of clean web browsing security.
  • Choose from multiple DNS servers for your preferred website blocking configuration.

Use the Latest Release:

  • Always update to the latest release version to benefit from recent bug fixes and features.
  • This guarantees peak performance and seamless compatibility with current android updates.

Configure HTTPS Filtering:

  • Activate HTTPS filtering for thorough ad-blocking across encrypted sites.
  • Make sure trusted apps have certificates to avoid false blocking.

AdGuard APK Alternatives

  • Blokada is a free, open-source ad blocker that works without root access, similar to AdGuard. It effectively blocks ads and trackers across all your apps and browsers, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience. With customizable filters and an intuitive interface, Blokada offers robust protection while maintaining user-friendly simplicity, making it an excellent choice for those seeking comprehensive ad-blocking tools.
adguard mod apk premium unlocked
  • DNS66 uses DNS-based ad blocking to filter out unwanted content without requiring root access. It operates by redirecting DNS queries, blocking ads at the network level. Lightweight and efficient, DNS66 is ideal for users who prefer minimalistic yet effective ad-blocking tools. It provides a straightforward way to enhance your browsing experience and protect your privacy across various apps.
  • uBlock Origin is a popular browser extension known for its high customizability and efficiency in blocking ads and trackers. While primarily a browser extension, it supports a wide range of filters and offers granular control over what gets blocked. For those who spend most of their time browsing the web, uBlock Origin is a powerful alternative to AdGuard, providing top-notch ad-blocking capabilities and enhancing online privacy.


The AdGuard MOD APK is a formidable tool designed to provide a seamless, ad-free experience across apps, browsers, and games. Its advanced privacy features, customizable filters, and efficient data-saving mechanisms create a comprehensive shield for your android device. Whether you want to streamline your web browsing or fortify your privacy settings, this new version is a versatile option worth considering. Download it today to reclaim control over your mobile environment and navigate the web with confidence in 2024.

Download AdGuard (6.1 MB)
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