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Explore endless entertainment with 365tv MOD APK. Download the new version now to unlock premium features and transform your Android device into a TV hub for 2024.

Information of 365tv

Name 365tv
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.3.26
Size 16.5 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer 4NET.TV solutions a.s.
Google Play Link


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About 365tv

Embark on a unique entertainment journey with the 365tv APK, a mobile app that transforms your Android device into a dynamic TV viewing experience. Offered by 4NET.TV solutions a.s, this app is designed to cater to all your entertainment needs directly from your mobile. Available on Google Play, the 365tv allows users to access a wide array of TV channels and shows, ensuring that premium entertainment is just a tap away. Ideal for those who cherish television but crave the flexibility of app-based viewing, this app promises to elevate your viewing experience seamlessly.

Reasons Why Users Love 365tv

The allure of 365tv lies in its Wide Channel Selection, providing more than 100 channels in crystal-clear quality. This wide channel selection caters to diverse tastes, ranging from news and sports to movies and children's programming. The sheer variety ensures that every user finds something captivating, making 365tv a go-to app for family entertainment. Its ability to deliver high-definition content elevates the viewing experience, placing it a notch above other streaming apps.

365tv mod apk

Furthermore, 365tv boasts a User-Friendly Interface and Flexible Viewing options. The intuitive design allows users to navigate effortlessly, making it simple to find favorite shows or explore new content. The flexible viewing feature is particularly beneficial, enabling users to watch live or catch up on shows through a smart recording system. Alongside, Data Safety is paramount, with robust measures in place to protect user information and ensure privacy. This commitment to data safety builds trust and reliability, enhancing user satisfaction and app loyalty.

How 365tv APK Works

365tv simplifies the process of streaming your favorite TV content directly on your mobile device. Here’s how to get started:

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store: Begin by installing 365tv on your Android device. It's available for free, making it easily accessible for all users.
  • Log in using your 365internet s.r.o. customer credentials: To access the content, use your existing 365internet s.r.o. account. This ensures a secure connection to your subscription and personalizes your viewing experience.


365tv mod apk download
  • Explore live TV channels, archived content, and recorded shows: Once logged in, you’re ready to dive into a vast selection of live TV channels. Missed a program? No problem. 365tv allows you to access and enjoy archived content and recorded shows at your convenience, providing a comprehensive and engaging entertainment experience. Whether you're in the mood for live sports, the latest news, or binge-watching a series, 365tv has you covered.

Features of 365tv APK

The 365tv app brings a host of impressive features designed to enhance your viewing experience on mobile devices. Here's a detailed look at what 365tv offers:

  • Live TV with Playback Capability: Stream live television directly on your Android device. Whether you’re home or on the go, 365tv ensures you don’t miss out on live events or your favorite shows, with the added convenience of instant playback.
  • Clear Television Program: Easily navigate through a well-organized TV schedule. This feature enables you to plan your viewing, ensuring you catch every episode of your favorite series or any special broadcasts without hassle.
  • Up to 7 Days Archive: Missed something? 365tv has you covered with its seven-day archive access. This allows you to revisit and enjoy broadcasts that aired over the past week at your own pace.
365tv mod apk latest version
  • Recorded Shows for Up to 30 Days: For even more flexibility, you can record live TV and store shows for up to 30 days. This is perfect for those with busy schedules, allowing you to watch your recorded content at a time that suits you best.
  • Smart Archive Search: Find exactly what you're looking for with the smart archive search feature. Whether it’s a specific episode of a series, a documentary, or a live event, this tool helps you swiftly navigate through the archives, enhancing your user experience and ensuring you make the most of the app’s extensive content library.

Each of these features is designed to make 365tv not just another app but a comprehensive entertainment hub, tailored to meet the demands of modern viewers who seek flexibility, control, and quality in their television viewing habits.


Tips to Maximize 365tv 2024 Usage

To enhance your viewing experience and get the most out of 365tv in 2024, consider these practical tips:

  • Customize Your Favorites: Tailor your 365tv interface to suit your preferences by setting up a list of your favorite channels and shows. This personalization allows for quicker access and ensures you never miss new episodes or special broadcasts of the content you love most.
  • Set Reminders: Take advantage of the reminder feature in 365tv to get notifications about upcoming programs. This ensures you can plan your day around your must-watch shows or live events, keeping you connected without the need to constantly check the schedule.
  • Check Data Usage: Streaming on mobile apps can consume significant data, especially if you're watching in high definition. Keep an eye on your data consumption through the 365tv app to avoid unexpected charges on your mobile bill. Consider connecting to Wi-Fi for prolonged viewing sessions.
365tv mod apk premium unlocked
  • Explore the Archive: Don’t forget about the powerful archive feature in 365tv. With up to 7 days of past broadcasts available, you can catch up on anything you’ve missed or rewatch your favorite episodes. The archive is a valuable tool for continuous entertainment.
  • Update Regularly: Ensure that you have the latest version of the 365tv app by updating regularly. Updates often include new features, bug fixes, and improvements in performance and security, all of which contribute to a smoother and more secure viewing experience.

Following these tips will help you maximize the benefits of 365tv, turning your mobile device into a truly versatile entertainment portal for the year 2024 and beyond.


In summary, the 365tv is your gateway to a vast and vibrant world of entertainment. With its user-friendly features and comprehensive content offerings, this app stands out as a top choice for anyone looking to enhance their TV viewing experience on mobile. Whether you're a fan of live sports, drama series, or educational content, 365tv has something to offer. Don't miss out on this exceptional entertainment platform—download the 365tv MOD APK today and transform your device into a portable TV station tailored just for you.

FAQs 365tv

What devices are compatible with the 365tv app? +

365tv is designed for Android devices. You can download the app from the Google Play Store, ensuring it runs smoothly on your smartphone or tablet. Check the app's system requirements for specific compatibility details.

Can I use 365tv outside of my home? +

Absolutely! One of the great advantages of 365tv is its mobility. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can access all features of the app, including live TV and archives, from anywhere, making it a fantastic companion for travel or commuting.

How can I manage my data usage with 365tv? +

To manage your data effectively while using 365tv, consider adjusting the streaming quality settings within the app. Lower resolutions consume less data. Also, try to connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible, especially for long viewing sessions or downloading content for offline use.

Download 365tv (16.5 MB)
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